Name : Structure of the plant immune signaling node EDS1 (enhanced disease susceptibility 1) in complex with nanobody ENB21

Revelation date : 02-Oct-2019

Family : Plant_lipase_EDS1-like

Gene_locus : arath-eds1

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Niefind, K., Voss, M., Toelzer, C.

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Title : Arabidopsis immunity regulator EDS1 in a PAD4\/SAG101-unbound form is a monomer with an inherently inactive conformation - Voss_2019_J.Struct.Biol_208_107390
Author(s) : Voss M , Toelzer C , Bhandari DD , Parker JE , Niefind K
Ref : J Struct Biol , 208 :107390 , 2019
PubMedID: 31550533
Gene_locus related to this paper: arath-eds1

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