Name : Structure of hyperstable haloalkane dehalogenase variant DhaA115 prepared by the 'soak-and-freeze' method under 150 bar of krypton pressure

Revelation date : 18-Nov-2020

Family : Haloalkane_dehalogenase-HLD2

Gene_locus : rhoso-halo1

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Chmelova, K., Markova, K., Damborsky, J., Marek, M. DhA115 combined mutations of DhaA101 DhaA112 E20S\/F80R\/C128F\/T148L\/A155P\/A172I\/C176F\/D198W\/V219W\/C262L\/D266F

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Title : Decoding the intricate network of molecular interactions of a hyperstable engineered biocatalyst - Markova_2020_Chem.Sci_11_11162
Author(s) : Markova K , Chmelova K , Marques SM , Carpentier P , Bednar D , Damborsky J , Marek M
Ref : Chem Sci , 11 :11162 , 2020
PubMedID: 34094357
Gene_locus related to this paper: rhoso-halo1

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