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Title : Two Novel Mutations in ABHD12: Expansion of the Mutation Spectrum in PHARC and Assessment of Their Functional Effects - Chen_2013_Hum.Mutat_34_1672
Author(s) : Chen DH , Naydenov A , Blankman JL , Mefford HC , Davis M , Sul Y , Barloon AS , Bonkowski E , Wolff J , Matsushita M , Smith C , Cravatt BF , Mackie K , Raskind WH , Stella N , Bird TD
Ref : Hum Mutat , 34 :1672 , 2013
Abstract : PHARC (polyneuropathy, hearing loss, ataxia, retinitis pigmentosa, and cataracts) is a recently described autosomal-recessive neurodegenerative disease caused by mutations in the alpha-beta-hydrolase domain-containing 12 gene (ABHD12). Only five homozygous ABHD12 mutations have been reported and the pathogenesis of PHARC remains unclear. We evaluated a woman who manifested short stature as well as the typical features of PHARC. Sequence analysis of ABHD12 revealed a novel heterozygous c.1129A>T (p.Lys377*) mutation. Targeted comparative genomic hybridization detected a 59-kb deletion that encompasses exon 1 of ABHD12 and exons 1-4 of an adjacent gene, GINS1, and includes the promoters of both genes. The heterozygous deletion was also carried by the patient's asymptomatic mother. Quantitative reverse transcription-PCR demonstrated approximately 50% decreased expression of ABHD12 RNA in lymphoblastoid cell lines from both individuals. Activity-based protein profiling of serine hydrolases revealed absence of ABHD12 hydrolase activity in the patient and 50% reduction in her mother. This is the first report of compound heterozygosity in PHARC and the first study to describe how a mutation might affect ABHD12 expression and function. The possible involvement of haploinsufficiency for GINS1, a DNA replication complex protein, in the short stature of the patient and her mother requires further studies.
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