Family: SERHL

Block: X

Parent Family: Abhydrolase_6


SERHL SHL SEHL kraken-like. Serine hydrolase-like protein. This gene may have been partially duplicated (AC Q9NQF3) may be a pseudogene. In mouse, induced by passive stretch of skeletal muscle in vivo (Sadusky et al ). Testis secretory sperm-binding protein Li 216e. KRAKEN in drosophila. May have a role in detoxification and digestion during embryogenesis and larval development. Ubiquitously expressed before embryonic stage 11. By stage 15, in gastric caeca, pharynx, posterior spiracles and anterior edge of midgut. At the end of embryogenesis, expression is confined to gastric caeca. During third instar larvae, expressed at low levels in gastric caeca, midgut and hindgut and high level in fat body.


Interpro : IPR000073 Alpha\/beta hydrolase fold-1


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References (1)

Title : Identification of Serhl, a new member of the serine hydrolase family induced by passive stretch of skeletal muscle in vivo - Sadusky_2001_Genomics_73_38
Author(s) : Sadusky TJ , Kemp TJ , Simon M , Carey N , Coulton GR
Ref : Genomics , 73 :38 , 2001
PubMedID: 11352564
Gene_locus related to this paper: human-SERHL2 , mouse-SERHL