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Title : Genome sequence of the white koji mold Aspergillus kawachii IFO 4308, used for brewing the Japanese distilled spirit shochu - Futagami_2011_Eukaryot.Cell_10_1586
Author(s) : Futagami T , Mori K , Yamashita A , Wada S , Kajiwara Y , Takashita H , Omori T , Takegawa K , Tashiro K , Kuhara S , Goto M
Ref : Eukaryot Cell , 10 :1586 , 2011
Abstract : The filamentous fungus Aspergillus kawachii has traditionally been used for brewing the Japanese distilled spirit shochu. A. kawachii characteristically hyperproduces citric acid and a variety of polysaccharide glycoside hydrolases. Here the genome sequence of A. kawachii IFO 4308 was determined and annotated. Analysis of the sequence may provide insight into the properties of this fungus that make it superior for use in shochu production, leading to the further development of A. kawachii for industrial applications.
ESTHER : Futagami_2011_Eukaryot.Cell_10_1586
PubMedSearch : Futagami_2011_Eukaryot.Cell_10_1586
PubMedID: 22045919
Gene_locus related to this paper: aspaw-AXE1 , aspkw-g7x761 , aspkw-g7xcc9 , aspkw-g7xum1 , aspkw-g7xy77 , aspna-g3yal2 , aspnc-a2qe77 , aspnc-a2qf54 , aspnc-a2qfe9 , aspnc-a2qh76 , aspnc-a2qhe2 , aspnc-a2qi32 , aspnc-a2ql89 , aspnc-a2ql90 , aspnc-a2qla0 , aspnc-a2qmk5 , aspnc-a2qn56 , aspnc-a2qs22 , aspnc-a2qti9 , aspnc-a2qtz0 , aspnc-a2quc1 , aspnc-a2qx92 , aspnc-a2qyf0 , aspnc-a2qys7 , aspnc-a2qz72 , aspnc-a2qzn6 , aspnc-a2qzr0 , aspnc-a2qzx4 , aspnc-a2r0p4 , aspnc-a2r1r5 , aspnc-a2r2i5 , aspnc-a2r5r4 , aspnc-a2r8r3 , aspnc-a2r8z3 , aspnc-a2r273 , aspnc-a2r496 , aspnc-a2r502 , aspnc-a5abe5 , aspnc-a5abe8 , aspnc-a5abh9 , aspnc-a5abk1 , aspnc-cuti2 , aspng-a2qst4 , aspni-EstA , aspkw-g7y0v7 , aspnc-a2qt47 , aspkw-g7xj51 , aspkw-g7xru4 , aspkw-g7xr60 , aspna-g3y5a6 , 9euro-a0a146f3d2 , aspkw-g7xq95 , aspkw-g7xzf8 , asptc-a0a1l9nby7 , aspkw-g7xen3

Title : Vacuolar protein sorting in fission yeast: cloning, biosynthesis, transport, and processing of carboxypeptidase Y from Schizosaccharomyces pombe - Tabuchi_1997_J.Bacteriol_179_4179
Author(s) : Tabuchi M , Iwaihara O , Ohtani Y , Ohuchi N , Sakurai J , Morita T , Iwahara S , Takegawa K
Ref : Journal of Bacteriology , 179 :4179 , 1997
Abstract : PCR was used to isolate a carboxypeptidase Y (CPY) homolog gene from the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe. The cloned S. pombe cpy1+ gene has a single open reading frame, which encodes 950 amino acids with one potential N-glycosylation site. It appears to be synthesized as an inactive pre-pro protein that likely undergoes processing following translocation into appropriate intracellular organelles. The C-terminal mature region is highly conserved in other serine carboxypeptidases. In contrast, the N-terminal pro region containing the vacuolar sorting signal in CPY from Saccharomyces cerevisiae shows fewer identical residues. The pro region contains two unusual repeating sequences; repeating sequence I consists of seven contiguous repeating segments of 13 amino acids each, and repeating sequence II consists of seven contiguous repeating segments of 9 amino acids each. Pulse-chase radiolabeling analysis revealed that Cpy1p was initially synthesized in a 110-kDa pro-precursor form and via the 51-kDa single-polypeptide-chain intermediate form which has had its pro segment removed is finally converted to a heterodimer, the mature form, which is detected as a 32-kDa protein on sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis under reducing conditions. Like S. cerevisiae CPY, S. pombe Cpy1p does not require the N-linked oligosaccharide moiety for vacuolar delivery. To investigate the vacuolar sorting signal of S. pombe Cpy1p, we have constructed cpy1+-SUC2 gene fusions that direct the synthesis of hybrid proteins consisting of N-terminal segments of various lengths of S. pombe Cpy1p fused to the secreted enzyme S. cerevisiae invertase. The N-terminal 478 amino acids of Cpy1 are sufficient to direct delivery of a Cpy1-Inv hybrid protein to the vacuole. These results showed that the pro peptide of Cpy1 contains the putative vacuolar sorting signal.
ESTHER : Tabuchi_1997_J.Bacteriol_179_4179
PubMedSearch : Tabuchi_1997_J.Bacteriol_179_4179
PubMedID: 9209031
Gene_locus related to this paper: schpo-PCY1