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Acyl-CoA thioester hydrolase/bile acid-CoA amino acid N-acetyltransferase. Long chain acyl CoA thioesterases hydrolyze long chain acyl-CoAs to the corresponding free fatty acid and CoASH. ACOTs are broadly divided into two distinct subgroups, the type-I alpha/beta-hydrolase fold enzyme superfamily and the type-II 'hot dog' fold superfamily. Here only a/b hydrolases. The major solutes in bile are N-acyl conjugates of cholanoates (C24 bile acids) with glycine or taurine. These bile acid-amino acid conjugates serve as detergents in the gastrointestinal tract. Bile acid-amino acid conjugates are formed in the liver via a 2-step pathway. The first reaction converts a bile acid to an acyl-CoA thioester and is catalyzed by the microsomal enzyme, cholyl-CoA synthetase (EC The second reaction transfers the bile acid moiety from the acyl-CoA thioester to either glycine or taurine, and is catalyzed by bile acid-CoA:amino acid N-acyltransferase (BAAT; EC Some homologies to Dienelactone_hydrolase and AlphaBeta-hydrolases (PF08840 BAAT only C-term PIRSF019303) The mouse ACOT gene cluster comprises six genes with localizations in cytosol (ACOT1), mitochondria (ACOT2), and peroxisomes (ACOT3-6). The corresponding human gene cluster contains only three genes (ACOT1, ACOT2, and ACOT4) coding for full-length thioesterase proteins only ACOT4 is peroxisomal. Family TE2 in ThYme database


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