Pseudomonas oleovorans

5 Alpha/beta hydrolase fold proteins and 1 fragments are known to date in Homo sapiens

Taxonomy of Pseudomonas oleovorans

NCBI Tax ID at NCBI: 301, NCBI Tax ID in ESTHER for more genes: 301,

cellular organisms, Bacteria, Proteobacteria, Gammaproteobacteria, Pseudomonadales, Pseudomonadaceae, Pseudomonas, Pseudomonas aeruginosa group, Pseudomonas oleovorans\/pseudoalcaligenes group, Pseudomonas oleovorans

Gene_locus Family Description
pseol-e9kjl1 Polyesterase-lipase-cutinase Pseudomonas pseudoalcaligenes strain 249 (Pseudomonas oleovorans) cutinase A precursor (cutA) PpCutA PoCut
pseol-phaa PHA_synth_II Pseudomonas oleovorans (pha synthase 1) (polyhydroxyalkanoic acid synthase 1)
pseol-phab PHA_depolymerase_arom Pseudomonas oleovorans depolymerase (phaB)
pseol-phac PHA_synth_II Pseudomonas oleovorans (pha synthase 2) (polyhydroxyalkanoic acid synthase 2)
pseol-PHAG HAA-synthase-thioesterase-RhlA-PhaG Pseudomonas oleovorans transacylase phag
Gene_Locus fragment Family Description
pseol-PHBC PHA_synth_I Pseudomonas oleovorans polyhydroxybutyrate synthase (fragment)