Family: PHA_synth_II

Block: X

Parent Family: Abhydrolase_6


(The family Pha_synthase was split in four families (PHA_synth_I, PHA_synth_II, PHA_synth_III, PhaC_cen_dom ) according to Interpro and Tigrpfam PhaC_cen_dom groups enzyme with the central domain but not the class I,II,III domains). This entry represents the class II subfamily of poly(R)-hydroxyalkanoate synthases, which polymerises hydroxyacyl-CoAs, typically with six to fourteen carbons in the hydroxyacyl backbone into aliphatic esters termed poly(R)-hydroxyalkanoic acids. These polymers accumulate as carbon and energy storage inclusions in many species and can amount to 90 percent of the dry weight of cell. Poly-beta-hydroxybutyrate polymerase (PhaC) N-terminus. This entry represents the central domain of the bacterial poly-beta-hydroxybutyrate polymerase (PhaC). Polyhydroxyalkanoic acids (PHAs) are carbon and energy reserve polymers produced in some bacteria when carbon sources are plentiful and another nutrient, such as nitrogen, phosphate, oxygen, or sulphur, becomes limiting. PHAs composed of monomeric units ranging from 3 to 14 carbons exist in nature. When the carbon source is exhausted, PHA is utilised by the bacterium. PhaC links D-(-)-3-hydroxybutyrl-CoA to an existing PHA molecule by the formation of an ester bond. PHA_synth_I TIGR01838 PHA_synth_II TIGR01839. The nucleophilic residue of the catalytic triad is a cysteine (with exceptions)


Interpro : IPR010941 PhaC_cen_dom Poly-beta-hydroxybutyrate polymerase, central domain , IPR011287 Poly(R)-hydroxyalkanoic acid synthase, class II


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Pfam : PF07167 PhaC_N

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Gene_locus Name Species
9psed-q2nm22 Pseudomonas corrugata pha synthase 2 Pseudomonas corrugata
9psed-q2nm24 Pseudomonas corrugata pha synthase 1 Pseudomonas corrugata
9psed-q4pkd1 Pseudomonas sp. LDC-25 polyhydroxyalkanoate polymerase Pseudomonas sp. LDC-25
9psed-q5d4z0 Pseudomonas sp. LDC-5 pha synthase 1 Pseudomonas sp. LDC-5
9psed-q6ufw1 Pseudomonas sp. HJ-2 mcl-pha synthase 2 Pseudomonas sp. HJ-2
9psed-q6ufw2 Pseudomonas sp. HJ-2 mcl-pha synthase 1 Pseudomonas sp. HJ-2
9sphn-q2n9u1 Erythrobacter litoralis HTCC2594 pha-synthase 1 poly(3-hydroxyalkanoate) polymerase 1 Erythrobacter litoralis HTCC2594
burca-PHAC1 Burkholderia caryophylli pha synthase 1 Burkholderia caryophylli
burca-PHAC2 Burkholderia caryophylli pha synthase 2 Burkholderia caryophylli
burs3-q396v7 Burkholderia sp. (strain 383) (Burkholderia cepacia (strain ATCC 1776 poly-beta-hydroxybutyrate polymerase Burkholderia sp.
comte-q5q137 Comamonas testosteroni (Pseudomonas testosteroni) Pseudomonas sp. KBOS 0 P 3Y2 KBOS 03 KBOS 17 pha Aeromonas hydrophila synthase II Comamonas testosteroni
comte-q5q139 Comamonas testosteroni (Pseudomonas testosteroni) Pseudomonas sp. 3Y2 KBOS 1 KBOS 03 KBOS 04 3Y2 pha synthase I Comamonas testosteroni
cuppj-q46zd1 Cupriavidus pinatubonensis (strain JMP134 \/ LMG 1197) (Alcaligenes eutrophus) (Ralstonia eutropha) terminal Ralstonia eutropha
pse14-q48pi7 Pseudomonas syringae pv. phaseolicola (strain 1448A \/ Race 6) pha-synthase 1 (EC 2.3.1.-) Pseudomonas syringae pv. phaseolicola
pse14-q48pi9 Pseudomonas syringae, Pseudomonas savastanoi, poly(3-hydroxyalkanoate) polymerase (EC 2.3.1.-) Pseudomonas syringae pv. phaseolicola
pseae-PHAC1 Pseudomonas aeruginosa pha-synthase1 (poly(3-hydroxyalkanoic acid) synthase 1) PA5056 Pseudomonas aeruginosa
pseae-PHAC2 Pseudomonas aeruginosa pha-synthase2 (poly(3-hydroxyalkanoic acid) synthase 2) PA5058 phaC2 Pseudomonas aeruginosa
psech-PHAC1 Pseudomonas chlororaphis (Pseudomonas aureofaciens) pha-synthase 1 Pseudomonas chlororaphis
psech-PHAC2 Pseudomonas chlororaphis (Pseudomonas aureofaciens) pha-synthase 2 Pseudomonas chlororaphis
psef5-q4kjk5 Pseudomonas fluorescens (strain Pf-5 \/ ATCC BAA-477) poly(3-hydroxyalkanoate) polymerase 1 Pseudomonas fluorescens
psef5-q4kjk7 Pseudomonas fluorescens (strain Pf-5 \/ ATCC BAA-477) poly(3-hydroxyalkanoate) polymerase Pseudomonas fluorescens
psefl-q6xh00 Pseudomonas fluorescens phac Pseudomonas fluorescens
pseme-PHAC1 Pseudomonas mendocina, Pseudomonas nitroreducens, Pseudomonas pseudoalcaligenes, P. stutzeri (P. perfectomarina), P. oleovorans, P. sp., pha synthase 1 (type II pha polymerase) Pseudomonas mendocina
pseme-PHAC2 Pseudomonas mendocina, Pseudomonas pseudoalcaligenes, Pseudomonas sp., Pseudomonas oleovorans, pha synthase 2 Pseudomonas mendocina
pseol-phaa Pseudomonas oleovorans (pha synthase 1) (polyhydroxyalkanoic acid synthase 1) Pseudomonas oleovorans
pseol-phac Pseudomonas oleovorans (pha synthase 2) (polyhydroxyalkanoic acid synthase 2) Pseudomonas oleovorans
psepf-q3kjb8 Pseudomonas fluorescens (strain PfO-1) poly(r)-hydroxyalkanoic acid synthase, class II Pseudomonas fluorescens
psepf-q3kjc0 Pseudomonas fluorescens (strain PfO-1) poly(r)-hydroxyalkanoic acid synthase, class II Pseudomonas fluorescens
psepu-PHAC1 Pseudomonas putida (Arthrobacter siderocapsulatus), Pseudomonas sp., pha synthase 1 poly(3-hydroxyalkanoate) polymerase 1 Pseudomonas putida
psepu-PHAC2 Pseudomonas putida (Arthrobacter siderocapsulatus) poly(3-hydroxyalkanoate) synthase 2 Pseudomonas putida
psere-PHAC1 Pseudomonas resinovorans pha synthase 1 Pseudomonas resinovorans
psere-PHAC2 Pseudomonas resinovorans pha synthase 2 Pseudomonas resinovorans
psesp-PHAC1 Pseudomonas sp. 61-3 pha synthase 1 Pseudomonas sp. 61-3
psesp-PHAC2 Pseudomonas sp. 61-3 pha synthase 2 Pseudomonas sp. 61-3
psest-PHAC2 Pseudomonas stutzeri (Pseudomonas perfectomarina) pha synthase II Pseudomonas stutzeri
psesy-PHAC Pseudomonas syringae (pv. tomato) poly(3-hydroxyalkanoate) polymerase Pseudomonas syringae
rhoco-PHAC Rhodococcus corallinus\; Rhodococcus aetherivorans I24 pha synthase Rhodococcus corallinus

Substrate Chemical Nomenclature Proteins
P(3HB-co-3HHx) alceu-phbc    rhoru-PHBCRR    rhoco-PHAC    9neis-e1apk1
3-hydroxydecanoic-acid (3S)-3-hydroxydecanoic acid psere-PHAC1
Polylactic-acid 2-Hydroxypropanoic acid homopolymer paeam-PLAA    thefu-q6a0i3    rhopa-q6n9m9    alcbs-q0vlq1    9zzzz-A0A0G3FEJ8    9acto-f7ix06    crysp-Q874E9    9bact-a4uz14    9bact-a4uz10
3-hydroxybutyrate bacce-PHAC    alceu-phbc    psefl-q6xh00
3HB-CoA S-[2-[3-[[(2R)-4-[[[(2R,3S,4R,5R)-5-(6-aminopurin-9-yl)-4-hydroxy-3-phosphonooxyoxolan-2-yl]methoxy-hydroxyphosphoryl]oxy-hydroxyphosphoryl]oxy-2-hydroxy-3,3-dimethylbutanoyl]amino]propanoylamino]ethyl] 3-hydroxybutanethioate ralso-PHBC    alceu-phbc    chrvi-phbc    bacce-PHAC    psefl-q6xh00

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