Name : Crystal structure of Mus musculus Acetylcholinesterase in complex with AMTS13

Revelation date : 08-Sep-2009

Family : ACHE

Gene_locus : mouse-ACHE

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"Pang, Y.P., Ekstrom, F., Polsinelli, G.A., Gao, Y., Rana, S., Hua, D.H., Andersson, B., Andersson, P.O., Peng, L., Singh, S.K., Mishra, R.K., Zhu, K.Y., Fallon, A.M., Ragsdale, D.W., Brimijoin, S."

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Title : Selective and irreversible inhibitors of mosquito acetylcholinesterases for controlling malaria and other mosquito-borne diseases - Pang_2009_PLoS.One_4_e6851
Author(s) : Pang YP , Ekstrom F , Polsinelli GA , Gao Y , Rana S , Hua DH , Andersson B , Andersson PO , Peng L , Singh SK , Mishra RK , Zhu KY , Fallon AM , Ragsdale DW , Brimijoin S
Ref : PLoS ONE , 4 :e6851 , 2009
Abstract : Pang_2009_PLoS.One_4_e6851
ESTHER : Pang_2009_PLoS.One_4_e6851
PubMedSearch : Pang_2009_PLoS.One_4_e6851
PubMedID: 19714254
Gene_locus related to this paper: mouse-ACHE , mouse-acnt1

Representative scheme of Prolylcarboxypeptidase structure and an image from PDBsum server