Name : Crystal structure of an insecticide-resistant acetylcholinesterase mutant (G119S) from the malaria vector Anopheles gambiae in complex with a difluoromethyl ketone inhibitor

Revelation date : 10-Jan-2018

Family : ACHE

Gene_locus : anoga-ACHE1

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Cheung, J., Mahmood, A., Kalathur, R., Lixuan, L., Carlier, P.R.

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Title : Structure of the G119S Mutant Acetylcholinesterase of the Malaria Vector Anopheles gambiae Reveals Basis of Insecticide Resistance - Cheung_2018_Structure_26_130
Author(s) : Cheung J , Mahmood A , Kalathur R , Liu L , Carlier PR
Ref : Structure , 26 :130 , 2018
PubMedID: 29276037
Gene_locus related to this paper: anoga-ACHE1

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