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Title : New anthrarobin acyl derivatives as butyrylcholinesterase inhibitors: synthesis, in vitro and in silico studies - Lateef_2017_Heliyon_3_e00350
Author(s) : Lateef M , Azhar A , Siddiqui BS , Zarina S , Uddin N , Anwar MF , Siddiqui K , Azhar KF , Iqbal L , Mehmood R , Perveen S
Ref : Heliyon , 3 :e00350 , 2017
Abstract : To treat Alzheimer's disease (AD), the available candidates are effective only against mild AD or have side effects. So, a study was planned to synthesis new candidates that may have good potential to treat AD. A series of new anthrarobin acyl derivatives (2-8) were synthesized by the reaction of anthrarobin (1) and acetic anhydride/acyl chlorides. The product were characterized by 1H NMR and EI-MS, and evaluated for butyrylcholinesterase (BuChE) inhibition activity. Compounds 5 and 4 showed notable BuChE inhibitory potential with IC50 5.3 +/- 1.23 and 17.2 +/- 0.47 muM, respectively when compared with the standard eserine (IC50 7.8 +/- 0.27 muM), compound 5 showed potent BuChE inhibition potential than the standard eserine. The active compounds 5 and 4 have acyl groups at 2-OH and 10-OH positions which may be responsible for inhibitory potential as this orientation is absent in other products. In silico studies of 5 and 4 products revealed the high inhibitory potential due to stable binding of ligand with the BuChE active sites with docking energy score -18.8779 kcal/mol and -23.1159 kcal/mol, respectively. Subsequently, compound 5 that have potent BuChE inhibitory activity could be the potential candidate for drug development for Alzheimer's disease.
ESTHER : Lateef_2017_Heliyon_3_e00350
PubMedSearch : Lateef_2017_Heliyon_3_e00350
PubMedID: 28725871

Title : New butyrylcholinesterase inhibitory steroid and peroxy acid from Leucas urticifolia - Fatima_2008_Arch.Pharm.Res_31_999
Author(s) : Fatima I , Ahmad I , Anis I , Malik A , Afza N , Iqbal L , Latif M
Ref : Arch Pharm Res , 31 :999 , 2008
Abstract : A new steroid leucisterol (1) and a new peroxy acid urticic acid (2) along with methoxybenzyl benzoate (3), 4-hydroxy benzoic acid (4), beta-sitosterol (5), and ursolic acid (6), have been isolated from the chloroform soluble fraction of the whole plant of Leucas urticifolia. Their structures were elucidated on the basis of nuclear magnetic resonance (1D and 2D NMR) spectral data. Leucisterol showed potent inhibitory activity against butyrylcholinesterase enzyme.
ESTHER : Fatima_2008_Arch.Pharm.Res_31_999
PubMedSearch : Fatima_2008_Arch.Pharm.Res_31_999
PubMedID: 18787788

Title : Leufolins A and B, potent butyrylcholinesterase-inhibiting flavonoid glucosides from Leucas urticifolia - Atia_2007_Molecules_12_1447
Author(s) : Atia tun N , Fatima I , Ahmad I , Malik A , Afza N , Iqbal L , Latif M , Khan SB
Ref : Molecules , 12 :1447 , 2007
Abstract : New flavonoidal glucosides leufolins A (1) and B (2), have been isolated from the ethyl acetate soluble fraction of the whole plants of Leucas urticifolia. Their structures were elucidated on the basis of extensive analysis of nuclear magnetic resonance (1D and 2D NMR) spectral data. Both of these compounds exhibited significant inhibitory potential against the enzyme butyrylcholinesterase.
ESTHER : Atia_2007_Molecules_12_1447
PubMedSearch : Atia_2007_Molecules_12_1447
PubMedID: 17909500