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Title : The draft genome of the parasitic nematode Trichinella spiralis - Mitreva_2011_Nat.Genet_43_228
Author(s) : Mitreva M , Jasmer DP , Zarlenga DS , Wang Z , Abubucker S , Martin J , Taylor CM , Yin Y , Fulton L , Minx P , Yang SP , Warren WC , Fulton RS , Bhonagiri V , Zhang X , Hallsworth-Pepin K , Clifton SW , McCarter JP , Appleton J , Mardis ER , Wilson RK
Ref : Nat Genet , 43 :228 , 2011
Abstract : Genome evolution studies for the phylum Nematoda have been limited by focusing on comparisons involving Caenorhabditis elegans. We report a draft genome sequence of Trichinella spiralis, a food-borne zoonotic parasite, which is the most common cause of human trichinellosis. This parasitic nematode is an extant member of a clade that diverged early in the evolution of the phylum, enabling identification of archetypical genes and molecular signatures exclusive to nematodes. We sequenced the 64-Mb nuclear genome, which is estimated to contain 15,808 protein-coding genes, at approximately 35-fold coverage using whole-genome shotgun and hierarchal map-assisted sequencing. Comparative genome analyses support intrachromosomal rearrangements across the phylum, disproportionate numbers of protein family deaths over births in parasitic compared to a non-parasitic nematode and a preponderance of gene-loss and -gain events in nematodes relative to Drosophila melanogaster. This genome sequence and the identified pan-phylum characteristics will contribute to genome evolution studies of Nematoda as well as strategies to combat global parasites of humans, food animals and crops.
ESTHER : Mitreva_2011_Nat.Genet_43_228
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PubMedID: 21336279
Gene_locus related to this paper: trisp-ACHE1 , trisp-e5ryh1 , trisp-e5s2p1 , trisp-e5s3s1 , trisp-e5s5l6 , trisp-e5s7y8 , trisp-e5s8m6 , trisp-e5s9j3 , trisp-e5s254 , trisp-e5s773 , trisp-e5sav1 , trisp-e5sbp4 , trisp-e5sgg4 , trisp-e5sgu8 , trisp-e5snw0 , trisp-e5sr61 , trisp-e5ss42 , trisp-e5sgh2 , 9bila-a0a0v0tgw4.1 , 9bila-a0a0v0tws5