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Title : Widespread divergence between incipient Anopheles gambiae species revealed by whole genome sequences - Lawniczak_2010_Science_330_512
Author(s) : Lawniczak MK , Emrich SJ , Holloway AK , Regier AP , Olson M , White B , Redmond S , Fulton L , Appelbaum E , Godfrey J , Farmer C , Chinwalla A , Yang SP , Minx P , Nelson J , Kyung K , Walenz BP , Garcia-Hernandez E , Aguiar M , Viswanathan LD , Rogers YH , Strausberg RL , Saski CA , Lawson D , Collins FH , Kafatos FC , Christophides GK , Clifton SW , Kirkness EF , Besansky NJ
Ref : Science , 330 :512 , 2010
Abstract : The Afrotropical mosquito Anopheles gambiae sensu stricto, a major vector of malaria, is currently undergoing speciation into the M and S molecular forms. These forms have diverged in larval ecology and reproductive behavior through unknown genetic mechanisms, despite considerable levels of hybridization. Previous genome-wide scans using gene-based microarrays uncovered divergence between M and S that was largely confined to gene-poor pericentromeric regions, prompting a speciation-with-ongoing-gene-flow model that implicated only about 3% of the genome near centromeres in the speciation process. Here, based on the complete M and S genome sequences, we report widespread and heterogeneous genomic divergence inconsistent with appreciable levels of interform gene flow, suggesting a more advanced speciation process and greater challenges to identify genes critical to initiating that process.
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PubMedID: 20966253
Gene_locus related to this paper: anoga-Q7PVF9 , anoga-q7q837 , 9dipt-a0a182ksz6 , anost-a0a182xxz0 , anost-a0a182xzf1 , anoga-q7q887