Family: Thiohydrolase

Block: X

Parent Family: Peptidase_S15


Under construction: extracted from Xaa-Pro-like_dom. Penicillium sp. Chain-fusing Polyketide Gregatin A GrgF belongs to this family. Thioesterase DcsB: A polyketide cyclase that forms medium-ring Lactones. The nucleophile can be Ser as in beab2-j4wat9 (Beauveria bassiana (White muscardine disease fungus) thioesterase DcsB) or Cys as in pensq-GrgF (Penicillium sp. Chain-fusing Polyketide Gregatin A GrgF). The C115S mutant functions as a thioesterase, while losing the ability to perform chain fusion.


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References (2)

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