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Title : Musa balbisiana genome reveals subgenome evolution and functional divergence - Wang_2019_Nat.Plants_5_810
Author(s) : Wang Z , Miao H , Liu J , Xu B , Yao X , Xu C , Zhao S , Fang X , Jia C , Wang J , Zhang J , Li J , Xu Y , Ma W , Wu Z , Yu L , Yang Y , Liu C , Guo Y , Sun S , Baurens FC , Martin G , Salmon F , Garsmeur O , Yahiaoui N , Hervouet C , Rouard M , Laboureau N , Habas R , Ricci S , Peng M , Guo A , Xie J , Li Y , Ding Z , Yan Y , Tie W , D'Hont A , Hu W , Jin Z
Ref : Nat Plants , 5 :810 , 2019
Abstract : Banana cultivars (Musa ssp.) are diploid, triploid and tetraploid hybrids derived from Musa acuminata and Musa balbisiana. We presented a high-quality draft genome assembly of M. balbisiana with 430 Mb (87%) assembled into 11 chromosomes. We identified that the recent divergence of M. acuminata (A-genome) and M. balbisiana (B-genome) occurred after lineage-specific whole-genome duplication, and that the B-genome may be more sensitive to the fractionation process compared to the A-genome. Homoeologous exchanges occurred frequently between A- and B-subgenomes in allopolyploids. Genomic variation within progenitors resulted in functional divergence of subgenomes. Global homoeologue expression dominance occurred between subgenomes of the allotriploid. Gene families related to ethylene biosynthesis and starch metabolism exhibited significant expansion at the pathway level and wide homoeologue expression dominance in the B-subgenome of the allotriploid. The independent origin of 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid oxidase (ACO) homoeologue gene pairs and tandem duplication-driven expansion of ACO genes in the B-subgenome contributed to rapid and major ethylene production post-harvest in allotriploid banana fruits. The findings of this study provide greater context for understanding fruit biology, and aid the development of tools for breeding optimal banana cultivars.
ESTHER : Wang_2019_Nat.Plants_5_810
PubMedSearch : Wang_2019_Nat.Plants_5_810
PubMedID: 31308504
Gene_locus related to this paper: musam-m0tuu7 , musam-a0a804kav5

Title : The coffee genome provides insight into the convergent evolution of caffeine biosynthesis - Denoeud_2014_Science_345_1181
Author(s) : Denoeud F , Carretero-Paulet L , Dereeper A , Droc G , Guyot R , Pietrella M , Zheng C , Alberti A , Anthony F , Aprea G , Aury JM , Bento P , Bernard M , Bocs S , Campa C , Cenci A , Combes MC , Crouzillat D , Da Silva C , Daddiego L , De Bellis F , Dussert S , Garsmeur O , Gayraud T , Guignon V , Jahn K , Jamilloux V , Joet T , Labadie K , Lan T , Leclercq J , Lepelley M , Leroy T , Li LT , Librado P , Lopez L , Munoz A , Noel B , Pallavicini A , Perrotta G , Poncet V , Pot D , Priyono , Rigoreau M , Rouard M , Rozas J , Tranchant-Dubreuil C , VanBuren R , Zhang Q , Andrade AC , Argout X , Bertrand B , de Kochko A , Graziosi G , Henry RJ , Jayarama , Ming R , Nagai C , Rounsley S , Sankoff D , Giuliano G , Albert VA , Wincker P , Lashermes P
Ref : Science , 345 :1181 , 2014
Abstract : Coffee is a valuable beverage crop due to its characteristic flavor, aroma, and the stimulating effects of caffeine. We generated a high-quality draft genome of the species Coffea canephora, which displays a conserved chromosomal gene order among asterid angiosperms. Although it shows no sign of the whole-genome triplication identified in Solanaceae species such as tomato, the genome includes several species-specific gene family expansions, among them N-methyltransferases (NMTs) involved in caffeine production, defense-related genes, and alkaloid and flavonoid enzymes involved in secondary compound synthesis. Comparative analyses of caffeine NMTs demonstrate that these genes expanded through sequential tandem duplications independently of genes from cacao and tea, suggesting that caffeine in eudicots is of polyphyletic origin.
ESTHER : Denoeud_2014_Science_345_1181
PubMedSearch : Denoeud_2014_Science_345_1181
PubMedID: 25190796
Gene_locus related to this paper: cofca-a0a068vi93 , cofca-a0a068uy77 , cofca-a0a068tzh7 , cofca-a0a068tuj7 , cofca-a0a068v983 , cofca-a0a068tnj0 , cofca-a0a068tyf7 , cofca-a0a068u1v4.1 , cofca-a0a068vks5 , cofar-a0a6p6xcv5

Title : The banana (Musa acuminata) genome and the evolution of monocotyledonous plants - D'Hont_2012_Nature_488_213
Author(s) : D'Hont A , Denoeud F , Aury JM , Baurens FC , Carreel F , Garsmeur O , Noel B , Bocs S , Droc G , Rouard M , Da Silva C , Jabbari K , Cardi C , Poulain J , Souquet M , Labadie K , Jourda C , Lengelle J , Rodier-Goud M , Alberti A , Bernard M , Correa M , Ayyampalayam S , McKain MR , Leebens-Mack J , Burgess D , Freeling M , Mbeguie AMD , Chabannes M , Wicker T , Panaud O , Barbosa J , Hribova E , Heslop-Harrison P , Habas R , Rivallan R , Francois P , Poiron C , Kilian A , Burthia D , Jenny C , Bakry F , Brown S , Guignon V , Kema G , Dita M , Waalwijk C , Joseph S , Dievart A , Jaillon O , Leclercq J , Argout X , Lyons E , Almeida A , Jeridi M , Dolezel J , Roux N , Risterucci AM , Weissenbach J , Ruiz M , Glaszmann JC , Quetier F , Yahiaoui N , Wincker P
Ref : Nature , 488 :213 , 2012
Abstract : Bananas (Musa spp.), including dessert and cooking types, are giant perennial monocotyledonous herbs of the order Zingiberales, a sister group to the well-studied Poales, which include cereals. Bananas are vital for food security in many tropical and subtropical countries and the most popular fruit in industrialized countries. The Musa domestication process started some 7,000 years ago in Southeast Asia. It involved hybridizations between diverse species and subspecies, fostered by human migrations, and selection of diploid and triploid seedless, parthenocarpic hybrids thereafter widely dispersed by vegetative propagation. Half of the current production relies on somaclones derived from a single triploid genotype (Cavendish). Pests and diseases have gradually become adapted, representing an imminent danger for global banana production. Here we describe the draft sequence of the 523-megabase genome of a Musa acuminata doubled-haploid genotype, providing a crucial stepping-stone for genetic improvement of banana. We detected three rounds of whole-genome duplications in the Musa lineage, independently of those previously described in the Poales lineage and the one we detected in the Arecales lineage. This first monocotyledon high-continuity whole-genome sequence reported outside Poales represents an essential bridge for comparative genome analysis in plants. As such, it clarifies commelinid-monocotyledon phylogenetic relationships, reveals Poaceae-specific features and has led to the discovery of conserved non-coding sequences predating monocotyledon-eudicotyledon divergence.
ESTHER : D'Hont_2012_Nature_488_213
PubMedSearch : D'Hont_2012_Nature_488_213
PubMedID: 22801500
Gene_locus related to this paper: musam-m0trz2 , musam-m0swe0 , musam-m0t8q2 , musam-m0szm0 , musam-m0s936 , musam-m0tfg3 , musam-m0tfg5 , musam-m0tfg2 , musam-m0sqy8 , musam-m0tqf6 , musam-m0sq07 , musam-m0ubs4 , musam-m0t8q3 , musam-m0shq9 , musam-m0u2a8 , musam-m0tv21 , musam-m0tuu7