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Title : Structural and functional partitioning of bread wheat chromosome 3B - Choulet_2014_Science_345_1249721
Author(s) : Choulet F , Alberti A , Theil S , Glover N , Barbe V , Daron J , Pingault L , Sourdille P , Couloux A , Paux E , Leroy P , Mangenot S , Guilhot N , Le Gouis J , Balfourier F , Alaux M , Jamilloux V , Poulain J , Durand C , Bellec A , Gaspin C , Safar J , Dolezel J , Rogers J , Vandepoele K , Aury JM , Mayer K , Berges H , Quesneville H , Wincker P , Feuillet C
Ref : Science , 345 :1249721 , 2014
Abstract : We produced a reference sequence of the 1-gigabase chromosome 3B of hexaploid bread wheat. By sequencing 8452 bacterial artificial chromosomes in pools, we assembled a sequence of 774 megabases carrying 5326 protein-coding genes, 1938 pseudogenes, and 85% of transposable elements. The distribution of structural and functional features along the chromosome revealed partitioning correlated with meiotic recombination. Comparative analyses indicated high wheat-specific inter- and intrachromosomal gene duplication activities that are potential sources of variability for adaption. In addition to providing a better understanding of the organization, function, and evolution of a large and polyploid genome, the availability of a high-quality sequence anchored to genetic maps will accelerate the identification of genes underlying important agronomic traits.
ESTHER : Choulet_2014_Science_345_1249721
PubMedSearch : Choulet_2014_Science_345_1249721
PubMedID: 25035497
Gene_locus related to this paper: wheat-a0a080yuw6 , wheat-w5d1z6 , wheat-a0a077rex4 , wheat-a0a077s1q2

Title : The banana (Musa acuminata) genome and the evolution of monocotyledonous plants - D'Hont_2012_Nature_488_213
Author(s) : D'Hont A , Denoeud F , Aury JM , Baurens FC , Carreel F , Garsmeur O , Noel B , Bocs S , Droc G , Rouard M , Da Silva C , Jabbari K , Cardi C , Poulain J , Souquet M , Labadie K , Jourda C , Lengelle J , Rodier-Goud M , Alberti A , Bernard M , Correa M , Ayyampalayam S , McKain MR , Leebens-Mack J , Burgess D , Freeling M , Mbeguie AMD , Chabannes M , Wicker T , Panaud O , Barbosa J , Hribova E , Heslop-Harrison P , Habas R , Rivallan R , Francois P , Poiron C , Kilian A , Burthia D , Jenny C , Bakry F , Brown S , Guignon V , Kema G , Dita M , Waalwijk C , Joseph S , Dievart A , Jaillon O , Leclercq J , Argout X , Lyons E , Almeida A , Jeridi M , Dolezel J , Roux N , Risterucci AM , Weissenbach J , Ruiz M , Glaszmann JC , Quetier F , Yahiaoui N , Wincker P
Ref : Nature , 488 :213 , 2012
Abstract : Bananas (Musa spp.), including dessert and cooking types, are giant perennial monocotyledonous herbs of the order Zingiberales, a sister group to the well-studied Poales, which include cereals. Bananas are vital for food security in many tropical and subtropical countries and the most popular fruit in industrialized countries. The Musa domestication process started some 7,000 years ago in Southeast Asia. It involved hybridizations between diverse species and subspecies, fostered by human migrations, and selection of diploid and triploid seedless, parthenocarpic hybrids thereafter widely dispersed by vegetative propagation. Half of the current production relies on somaclones derived from a single triploid genotype (Cavendish). Pests and diseases have gradually become adapted, representing an imminent danger for global banana production. Here we describe the draft sequence of the 523-megabase genome of a Musa acuminata doubled-haploid genotype, providing a crucial stepping-stone for genetic improvement of banana. We detected three rounds of whole-genome duplications in the Musa lineage, independently of those previously described in the Poales lineage and the one we detected in the Arecales lineage. This first monocotyledon high-continuity whole-genome sequence reported outside Poales represents an essential bridge for comparative genome analysis in plants. As such, it clarifies commelinid-monocotyledon phylogenetic relationships, reveals Poaceae-specific features and has led to the discovery of conserved non-coding sequences predating monocotyledon-eudicotyledon divergence.
ESTHER : D'Hont_2012_Nature_488_213
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PubMedID: 22801500
Gene_locus related to this paper: musam-m0trz2 , musam-m0swe0 , musam-m0t8q2 , musam-m0szm0 , musam-m0s936 , musam-m0tfg3 , musam-m0tfg5 , musam-m0tfg2 , musam-m0sqy8 , musam-m0tqf6 , musam-m0sq07 , musam-m0ubs4 , musam-m0t8q3 , musam-m0shq9 , musam-m0u2a8 , musam-m0tv21 , musam-m0tuu7