Family: Steryl_acetyl_hydrolase

Block: H

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Sterol homeostasis in eukaryotic cells relies on the reciprocal interconversion of free sterols and steryl esters. In Saccharomyces cerevisiae (Baker's yeast) sterol acetylation requires the acetyltransferase Atf2, whereas deacetylation requires Say1, a membrane-anchored deacetylase with a putative active site in the ER lumen. Lack of Say1 results in the secretion of acetylated sterols into the culture medium, indicating that the substrate specificity of Say1 determines whether acetylated sterols are secreted from the cells or whether they are deacetylated and retained. In S. cerevisiae cells lacking Say1 or Atf2 are sensitive against the plant-derived allylbenzene eugenol and both Say1 and Atf2 affect pregnenolone toxicity, indicating that lipid acetylation acts as a detoxification pathway (old DUF2424)


Interpro : IPR019436 Steryl_acetyl_hydrolase Say1-like


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Pfam : PF10340 Say1_Mug180

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Title : An acetylation\/deacetylation cycle controls the export of sterols and steroids from S. cerevisiae - Tiwari_2007_EMBO.J_26_5109
Author(s) : Tiwari R , Koffel R , Schneiter R
Ref : EMBO Journal , 26 :5109 , 2007
PubMedID: 18034159
Gene_locus related to this paper: yeast-SAY1