Name : Structure of acetylcholinesterase (E.C. complexed with N-9-(1',2',3',4'-Tetrahydroacridinyl)-1,8-diaminooctane at 2.4 angstroms resolution

Revelation date : 21-Apr-2005

Family : ACHE

Gene_locus : torca-ACHE

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Wong, D. M., Brumshtein, B., Greenblatt, H. M., Carlier, P. R., Han, Y.-F., Pang, Y.-P., Silman,I., Sussman, J. L.: Acetylcholinesterase Complexed with a Tacrine-Based Bivalent Ligand: X-Ray Evidence for a Double-Stacking Sandwich with Tryptophan at the Peripheral AnionicSite To be Published

Ligand :

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Title : Complexes of alkylene-linked tacrine dimers with Torpedo californica acetylcholinesterase: Binding of Bis5-tacrine produces a dramatic rearrangement in the active-site gorge - Rydberg_2006_J.Med.Chem_49_5491
Author(s) : Rydberg EH , Brumshtein B , Greenblatt HM , Wong DM , Shaya D , Williams LD , Carlier PR , Pang YP , Silman I , Sussman JL
Ref : Journal of Medicinal Chemistry , 49 :5491 , 2006
PubMedID: 16942022
Gene_locus related to this paper: torca-ACHE

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