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Mutation Report for: G117H_human-BCHE

Mode of mutation|Site directed mutagenesis
Amino Acid change|G117H
Torpedo number|119
Comment|p.G117H Gly117His (p.G145H Gly145His in primary sequence with 28 amino-acids signal peptide) Phosphotriesterase activity Hydrolysis of OP Hydrolyses VX but not Soman
Kinetic parameters|Paraoxon_G117H_human-BCHE

    Title: Engineering Dynamic Surface Peptide Networks on ButyrylcholinesteraseG117H for Enhanced Organophosphosphorus Anticholinesterase Catalysis
    Hester KP, Bhattarai K, Jiang H, Agarwal PK, Pope C
    Ref: Chemical Research in Toxicology, 32:1801, 2019 : PubMed


    Title: Identification of Human Butyrylcholinesterase Organophosphate-Resistant Variants through a Novel Mammalian Enzyme Functional Screen
    Zhang J, Chen S, Ralph EC, Dwyer MA, Cashman JR
    Ref: Journal of Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics, 343:673, 2012 : PubMed


    Title: Hydrolysis of organophosphate compounds by mutant butyrylcholinesterase: a story of two histidines
    Amitay M, Shurki A
    Ref: Proteins, 79:352, 2011 : PubMed


    Title: Mutants of human butyrylcholinesterase with organophosphate hydrolase activity; evidence that His117 is a general base catalyst for hydrolysis of echothiophate
    Schopfer LM, Boeck AT, Broomfield CA, Lockridge O
    Ref: Journal of Medicinal Chemistryical Biology Radiol Def, 2:1, 2004 : PubMed


    Title: Protein engineering of a human enzyme that hydrolyzes V and G nerve agents: design, construction and characterization
    Broomfield CA, Lockridge O, Millard CB
    Ref: Chemico-Biological Interactions, 119-120:413, 1999 : PubMed


    Title: Organophosphorus acid anhydride hydrolase activity in human butyrylcholinesterase: synergy results in a somanase
    Millard CB, Lockridge O, Broomfield CA
    Ref: Biochemistry, 37:237, 1998 : PubMed


    Title: A single amino acid substitution, Gly117His, confers phosphotriesterase (organophosphorus acid anhydride hydrolase) activity on human butyrylcholinesterase
    Lockridge O, Blong RM, Masson P, Froment MT, Millard CB, Broomfield CA
    Ref: Biochemistry, 36:786, 1997 : PubMed


    Title: Mutation of Human Butyrylcholinesterase Glycine 117 to Histidine Preserves Activity but Confers Resistance to Organophosphorus Inhibitors
    Broomfield CA, Millard CB, Lockridge O, Caviston TL
    Ref: In Enzyme of the Cholinesterase Family - Proceedings of Fifth International Meeting on Cholinesterases, (Quinn, D.M., Balasubramanian, A.S., Doctor, B.P., Taylor, P., Eds) Plenum Publishing Corp.:169, 1995 : PubMed


    Title: Design and expression of organophosphorus acid anhydride hydrolase activity in human butyrylcholinesterase
    Millard CB, Lockridge O, Broomfield CA
    Ref: Biochemistry, 34:15925, 1995 : PubMed


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