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Title : Structural basis for loading and inhibition of a bacterial T6SS phospholipase effector by the VgrG spike - Flaugnatti_2020_EMBO.J_39_e104129
Author(s) : Flaugnatti N , Rapisarda C , Rey M , Beauvois SG , Nguyen VA , Canaan S , Durand E , Chamot-Rooke J , Cascales E , Fronzes R , Journet L
Ref : EMBO Journal , 39 :e104129 , 2020
Abstract : The bacterial type VI secretion system (T6SS) is a macromolecular machine that injects effectors into prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. The mode of action of the T6SS is similar to contractile phages: the contraction of a sheath structure pushes a tube topped by a spike into target cells. Effectors are loaded onto the spike or confined into the tube. In enteroaggregative Escherichia coli, the Tle1 phospholipase binds the C-terminal extension of the VgrG trimeric spike. Here, we purify the VgrG-Tle1 complex and show that a VgrG trimer binds three Tle1 monomers and inhibits their activity. Using covalent cross-linking coupled to high-resolution mass spectrometry, we provide information on the sites of contact and further identify the requirement for a Tle1 N-terminal secretion sequence in complex formation. Finally, we report the 2.6-A-resolution cryo-electron microscopy tri-dimensional structure of the (VgrG)(3) -(Tle1)(3) complex revealing how the effector binds its cargo, and how VgrG inhibits Tle1 phospholipase activity. The inhibition of Tle1 phospholipase activity once bound to VgrG suggests that Tle1 dissociation from VgrG is required upon delivery.
ESTHER : Flaugnatti_2020_EMBO.J_39_e104129
PubMedSearch : Flaugnatti_2020_EMBO.J_39_e104129
PubMedID: 32350888
Gene_locus related to this paper: ecolx-h4unx0

Title : The use of lipases as biocatalysts for the epoxidation of fatty acids and phenolic compounds - Aouf_2014_Green.Chem_16_1740
Author(s) : Aouf C , Durand E , Lecomte J , Figueroa-Espinoza MC , Dubreucq E , Fulcrand H , Villeneuve P
Ref : Green Chem , 16 :1740 , 2014
Abstract : Lipases are versatile enzymes that can be used for various kinds of biocatalyzed reactions. Owing to their selectivity and their mild reaction conditions, they can be often considered as more interesting than classical chemical catalysts. Besides their application in oil and fat processes, these enzymes have proved to be very attractive for other lipase-catalyzed reactions. This review discusses the latest results where lipases are used for the epoxidation of lipid substrates (namely fatty acids and their derivatives) and phenolic compounds. This chemo-enzymatic process involves a two step synthesis where the biocatalyst acts as a perhydrolase to produce peracids, which then act as catalysts to epoxidize double bonds. Various factors govern the efficiency of the reaction in terms of kinetics, yields and enzyme stability. These parameters are evaluated and discussed herein.
ESTHER : Aouf_2014_Green.Chem_16_1740
PubMedSearch : Aouf_2014_Green.Chem_16_1740

Title : The grapevine genome sequence suggests ancestral hexaploidization in major angiosperm phyla - Jaillon_2007_Nature_449_463
Author(s) : Jaillon O , Aury JM , Noel B , Policriti A , Clepet C , Casagrande A , Choisne N , Aubourg S , Vitulo N , Jubin C , Vezzi A , Legeai F , Hugueney P , Dasilva C , Horner D , Mica E , Jublot D , Poulain J , Bruyere C , Billault A , Segurens B , Gouyvenoux M , Ugarte E , Cattonaro F , Anthouard V , Vico V , Del Fabbro C , Alaux M , Di Gaspero G , Dumas V , Felice N , Paillard S , Juman I , Moroldo M , Scalabrin S , Canaguier A , Le Clainche I , Malacrida G , Durand E , Pesole G , Laucou V , Chatelet P , Merdinoglu D , Delledonne M , Pezzotti M , Lecharny A , Scarpelli C , Artiguenave F , Pe ME , Valle G , Morgante M , Caboche M , Adam-Blondon AF , Weissenbach J , Quetier F , Wincker P
Ref : Nature , 449 :463 , 2007
Abstract : The analysis of the first plant genomes provided unexpected evidence for genome duplication events in species that had previously been considered as true diploids on the basis of their genetics. These polyploidization events may have had important consequences in plant evolution, in particular for species radiation and adaptation and for the modulation of functional capacities. Here we report a high-quality draft of the genome sequence of grapevine (Vitis vinifera) obtained from a highly homozygous genotype. The draft sequence of the grapevine genome is the fourth one produced so far for flowering plants, the second for a woody species and the first for a fruit crop (cultivated for both fruit and beverage). Grapevine was selected because of its important place in the cultural heritage of humanity beginning during the Neolithic period. Several large expansions of gene families with roles in aromatic features are observed. The grapevine genome has not undergone recent genome duplication, thus enabling the discovery of ancestral traits and features of the genetic organization of flowering plants. This analysis reveals the contribution of three ancestral genomes to the grapevine haploid content. This ancestral arrangement is common to many dicotyledonous plants but is absent from the genome of rice, which is a monocotyledon. Furthermore, we explain the chronology of previously described whole-genome duplication events in the evolution of flowering plants.
ESTHER : Jaillon_2007_Nature_449_463
PubMedSearch : Jaillon_2007_Nature_449_463
PubMedID: 17721507
Gene_locus related to this paper: vitvi-a5b6n6 , vitvi-a5b7c0 , vitvi-a5b8l9 , vitvi-a5bji4 , vitvi-a5bxd7 , vitvi-a5c1g2 , vitvi-a5c8p7 , vitvi-a7ntu2 , vitvi-a7pnb4 , vitvi-a7pus9 , vitvi-a7q3d1 , vitvi-a7qpz3 , vitvi-BIG8.1 , vitvi-d7sqb8 , vitvi-d7ssp2 , vitvi-d7sx57 , vitvi-d7t734 , vitvi-d7t940 , vitvi-d7tef1 , vitvi-d7tg96 , vitvi-d7tle9 , vitvi-d7tmb8 , vitvi-d7tpk8 , vitvi-d7tve2 , vitvi-d7tvr0 , vitvi-d7ubd6 , vitvi-f6hhx5 , vitvi-f6hi76 , vitvi-f6hqe0 , vitvi-f6hzf1.1 , vitvi-f6hzf1.2 , vitvi-d7ssd7 , vitvi-d7ssd8 , vitvi-d7ssd9 , vitvi-d7u935 , vitvi-f6gyw1 , vitvi-f6gyw2 , vitvi-f6gyw4 , vitvi-f6hqf1 , vitvi-f6hqf4 , vitvi-d7tum4 , vitvi-d7tba3 , vitvi-d7stm8 , vitvi-d7t3j3 , vitvi-d7uce5 , vitvi-f6he55 , vitvi-d7thp4 , vitvi-d7tfe6 , vitvi-e0cv10 , vitvi-f6gtp7 , vitvi-f6hva3 , vitvi-d7tqu0 , vitvi-f6hqq0 , vitvi-d7tci5 , vitvi-d7sut7 , vitvi-d7sut6 , vitvi-f6h317 , vitvi-f6h318 , vitvi-f6hsf1 , vitvi-f6hqd1 , vitvi-f6hqd0 , vitvi-f6hfp6 , vitvi-d7u2i4 , vitvi-f6gsx7 , vitvi-d7si01 , vitvi-d7si06 , vitvi-f6hz08 , vitvi-d7tr61 , vitvi-e0crl0 , vitvi-f6hrz4 , vitvi-f6i7l0