Title : Diverse lifestyles and strategies of plant pathogenesis encoded in the genomes of eighteen Dothideomycetes fungi - Ohm_2012_PLoS.Pathog_8_e1003037
Author(s) : Ohm RA , Feau N , Henrissat B , Schoch CL , Horwitz BA , Barry KW , Condon BJ , Copeland AC , Dhillon B , Glaser F , Hesse CN , Kosti I , LaButti K , Lindquist EA , Lucas S , Salamov AA , Bradshaw RE , Ciuffetti L , Hamelin RC , Kema GH , Lawrence C , Scott JA , Spatafora JW , Turgeon BG , de Wit PJ , Zhong S , Goodwin SB , Grigoriev IV
Ref : PLoS Pathog , 8 :e1003037 , 2012
Abstract :

The class Dothideomycetes is one of the largest groups of fungi with a high level of ecological diversity including many plant pathogens infecting a broad range of hosts. Here, we compare genome features of 18 members of this class, including 6 necrotrophs, 9 (hemi)biotrophs and 3 saprotrophs, to analyze genome structure, evolution, and the diverse strategies of pathogenesis. The Dothideomycetes most likely evolved from a common ancestor more than 280 million years ago. The 18 genome sequences differ dramatically in size due to variation in repetitive content, but show much less variation in number of (core) genes. Gene order appears to have been rearranged mostly within chromosomal boundaries by multiple inversions, in extant genomes frequently demarcated by adjacent simple repeats. Several Dothideomycetes contain one or more gene-poor, transposable element (TE)-rich putatively dispensable chromosomes of unknown function. The 18 Dothideomycetes offer an extensive catalogue of genes involved in cellulose degradation, proteolysis, secondary metabolism, and cysteine-rich small secreted proteins. Ancestors of the two major orders of plant pathogens in the Dothideomycetes, the Capnodiales and Pleosporales, may have had different modes of pathogenesis, with the former having fewer of these genes than the latter. Many of these genes are enriched in proximity to transposable elements, suggesting faster evolution because of the effects of repeat induced point (RIP) mutations. A syntenic block of genes, including oxidoreductases, is conserved in most Dothideomycetes and upregulated during infection in L. maculans, suggesting a possible function in response to oxidative stress.

PubMedSearch : Ohm_2012_PLoS.Pathog_8_e1003037
PubMedID: 23236275
Gene_locus related to this paper: mycpj-q30dw8 , sphms-m3db71 , bauco-m2n3p9 , cocsn-m2rnc6 , coch5-m2tnl8 , coch4-n4xap8 , sett2-r0j560 , bauco-m2lw45 , cocsn-m2thl9 , bauco-m2nan7 , sphms-m3asf7 , coch5-m2v1s2 , mycfi-m3am36 , coch4-n4xzy1 , mycfi-m3b3x0 , cocsn-m2sqr3 , cocsn-m2rnk8 , mycp1-n1pnd6 , bauco-m2n7y7 , coch4-n4xdv7 , coch5-m2uds0 , coch5-m2um94 , sett2-r0i8c5 , coch4-n4wlc8 , coch4-n4x9p3 , cocsn-m2rh47 , cocsn-m2qz08 , sett2-r0jqq6 , mycfi-m2yiq2 , sett2-r0imb6 , sphms-m3b727 , coch4-n4x7u3 , cocsn-m2rv02 , cocsn-m2sy95 , coch5-m2ubd5 , mycp1-n1per0 , mycp1-n1pg49 , mycfi-n1q8u1 , mycp1-n1pwj1 , mycp1-n1pcl8 , bauco-m2n330 , cocsn-m2t3d2 , mycfi-m3b223 , sett2-r0kl84 , bauco-m2lu86 , mycfi-m3b1s8 , sett2-r0jts7 , mycfi-m3amn9 , bauco-m2nf03 , mycfi-m3a015 , sphms-n1qgv4 , coch4-n4x2h3 , mycp1-m2y2b1 , sett2-r0jxt9 , mycfi-m2zg05 , sphms-m3cr09 , coch4-n4x7r9 , mycfi-m2yip7 , mycp1-n1pwu7 , cocsn-m2sh75 , cocsn-m2t5z2 , coch5-m2ucf6 , sphms-m3c9s8 , sphms-m3c383 , mycp1-n1ppa8 , sett2-r0k664 , cocsn-m2t3q1 , sett2-r0k4b4 , cocsn-m2t4i1 , bauco-m2lzw1 , coch5-m2th93 , cocsn-m2svm8 , sphms-m3d7h2 , sphms-m3cwc3 , mycfi-m3b329 , bauco-m2n4x9 , cocsn-m2s6q4 , mycfi-m3b7x7 , mycp1-m2yk59 , cocsn-m2s5h5 , bauco-m2nfr9 , bauco-m2myk4 , coch4-n4xf94 , mycfi-m3a252 , sphms-n1qes8 , mycp1-n1pps5 , sett2-r0kdl8 , cocsn-m2qvi9 , sett2-r0kfg6 , bauco-m2n1q0 , cocsn-m2szq4 , sett2-r0j437 , coch4-n4x7j4 , mycfi-m3b4h3 , coch5-m2twk3 , coch5-m2usf2 , sett2-r0kjt7 , mycfi-m2yrk1 , bauco-m2n4g8 , sett2-r0k7y2 , cocsn-m2th03 , sett2-r0iy92 , sett2-r0kbr9 , sett2-r0k997 , coch5-m2sik6 , bauco-m2n0g0 , bauco-m2lkk0 , sett2-r0jzj5 , sphms-m3bs21 , mycfi-m3a3h8 , mycp1-n1pw13 , cocsn-m2r0j6 , mycp1-n1pe19 , coch4-n4x6a4 , mycp1-m2xhl1 , cocsn-m2s7a5 , cocsn-m2sv79 , mycfi-n1qbd7 , mycp1-n1pnh6 , sphms-m3cz62 , sett2-r0knx4 , bauco-m2nlz2 , mycp1-n1psn5 , sett2-r0ksh8 , bauco-m2n3v9 , bauco-m2n9y7 , mycp1-n1puh9 , sett2-r0ip86 , sphms-m3c6j1 , sphms-n1qnq9 , cocsn-m2sqe4 , coch4-n4xzc8 , mycfi-m3ali0 , mycfi-m3a5j4 , mycp1-n1phf7 , bauco-m2myw5 , mycp1-m2y2h4 , mycfi-m3as05 , sphms-m3ccg5 , cocsn-m2rtg8 , sphms-n1qny5 , mycfi-n1q7c3 , mycp1-n1q523 , bauco-m2m190 , psefd-m3awp8 , sphms-n1qfl1 , dotsn-n1q1b1 , sphms-m3dcu2 , bauco-m2m7v7 , psefd-m3bad8 , bauco-m2nft5 , psefd-m3b4x7 , sphms-n1qdh4 , sphms-m3cq38 , bauco-m2mz43 , coch5-m2t2x3 , cocsn-m2sze4 , sphms-n1qfm9 , sett2-r0kjg6 , sett2-r0k5q0 , cocvi-w7ezb7 , sett2-r0jtm1 , cocmi-w6ywa1 , psefd-m3a663 , baupa-m2mxl2 , cocsn-m2t3e8 , coch5-m2ulw5 , coch5-m2urw9 , sett2-r0knn5 , cocca-w6y1v2 , baupa-m2nq79 , sett2-r0i9k2 , coch5-m2uul8 , dotsn-n1q415 , psefd-n1qcy3 , cocsn-m2sl21 , baupa-m2luc8 , dotsn-est1

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Gene_locus mycpj-q30dw8    sphms-m3db71    bauco-m2n3p9    cocsn-m2rnc6    coch5-m2tnl8    coch4-n4xap8    sett2-r0j560    bauco-m2lw45    cocsn-m2thl9    bauco-m2nan7    sphms-m3asf7    coch5-m2v1s2    mycfi-m3am36    coch4-n4xzy1    mycfi-m3b3x0    cocsn-m2sqr3    cocsn-m2rnk8    mycp1-n1pnd6    bauco-m2n7y7    coch4-n4xdv7    coch5-m2uds0    coch5-m2um94    sett2-r0i8c5    coch4-n4wlc8    coch4-n4x9p3    cocsn-m2rh47    cocsn-m2qz08    sett2-r0jqq6    mycfi-m2yiq2    sett2-r0imb6    sphms-m3b727    coch4-n4x7u3    cocsn-m2rv02    cocsn-m2sy95    coch5-m2ubd5    mycp1-n1per0    mycp1-n1pg49    mycfi-n1q8u1    mycp1-n1pwj1    mycp1-n1pcl8    bauco-m2n330    cocsn-m2t3d2    mycfi-m3b223    sett2-r0kl84    bauco-m2lu86    mycfi-m3b1s8    sett2-r0jts7    mycfi-m3amn9    bauco-m2nf03    mycfi-m3a015    sphms-n1qgv4    coch4-n4x2h3    mycp1-m2y2b1    sett2-r0jxt9    mycfi-m2zg05    sphms-m3cr09    coch4-n4x7r9    mycfi-m2yip7    mycp1-n1pwu7    cocsn-m2sh75    cocsn-m2t5z2    coch5-m2ucf6    sphms-m3c9s8    sphms-m3c383    mycp1-n1ppa8    sett2-r0k664    cocsn-m2t3q1    sett2-r0k4b4    cocsn-m2t4i1    bauco-m2lzw1    coch5-m2th93    cocsn-m2svm8    sphms-m3d7h2    sphms-m3cwc3    mycfi-m3b329    bauco-m2n4x9    cocsn-m2s6q4    mycfi-m3b7x7    mycp1-m2yk59    cocsn-m2s5h5    bauco-m2nfr9    bauco-m2myk4    coch4-n4xf94    mycfi-m3a252    sphms-n1qes8    mycp1-n1pps5    sett2-r0kdl8    cocsn-m2qvi9    sett2-r0kfg6    bauco-m2n1q0    cocsn-m2szq4    sett2-r0j437    coch4-n4x7j4    mycfi-m3b4h3    coch5-m2twk3    coch5-m2usf2    sett2-r0kjt7    mycfi-m2yrk1    bauco-m2n4g8    sett2-r0k7y2    cocsn-m2th03    sett2-r0iy92    sett2-r0kbr9    sett2-r0k997    coch5-m2sik6    bauco-m2n0g0    bauco-m2lkk0    sett2-r0jzj5    sphms-m3bs21    mycfi-m3a3h8    mycp1-n1pw13    cocsn-m2r0j6    mycp1-n1pe19    coch4-n4x6a4    mycp1-m2xhl1    cocsn-m2s7a5    cocsn-m2sv79    mycfi-n1qbd7    mycp1-n1pnh6    sphms-m3cz62    sett2-r0knx4    bauco-m2nlz2    mycp1-n1psn5    sett2-r0ksh8    bauco-m2n3v9    bauco-m2n9y7    mycp1-n1puh9    sett2-r0ip86    sphms-m3c6j1    sphms-n1qnq9    cocsn-m2sqe4    coch4-n4xzc8    mycfi-m3ali0    mycfi-m3a5j4    mycp1-n1phf7    bauco-m2myw5    mycp1-m2y2h4    mycfi-m3as05    sphms-m3ccg5    cocsn-m2rtg8    sphms-n1qny5    mycfi-n1q7c3    mycp1-n1q523    bauco-m2m190    psefd-m3awp8    sphms-n1qfl1    dotsn-n1q1b1    sphms-m3dcu2    bauco-m2m7v7    psefd-m3bad8    bauco-m2nft5    psefd-m3b4x7    sphms-n1qdh4    sphms-m3cq38    bauco-m2mz43    coch5-m2t2x3    cocsn-m2sze4    sphms-n1qfm9    sett2-r0kjg6    sett2-r0k5q0    cocvi-w7ezb7    sett2-r0jtm1    cocmi-w6ywa1    psefd-m3a663    baupa-m2mxl2    cocsn-m2t3e8    coch5-m2ulw5    coch5-m2urw9    sett2-r0knn5    cocca-w6y1v2    baupa-m2nq79    sett2-r0i9k2    coch5-m2uul8    dotsn-n1q415    psefd-n1qcy3    cocsn-m2sl21    baupa-m2luc8    dotsn-est1
Gene_locus_frgt mycpj-q30dw8    sphms-m3db71    bauco-m2n3p9    cocsn-m2rnc6    coch5-m2tnl8    coch4-n4xap8    sett2-r0j560    bauco-m2lw45    cocsn-m2thl9    bauco-m2nan7    sphms-m3asf7    coch5-m2v1s2    mycfi-m3am36    coch4-n4xzy1    mycfi-m3b3x0    cocsn-m2sqr3    cocsn-m2rnk8    mycp1-n1pnd6    bauco-m2n7y7    coch4-n4xdv7    coch5-m2uds0    coch5-m2um94    sett2-r0i8c5    coch4-n4wlc8    coch4-n4x9p3    cocsn-m2rh47    cocsn-m2qz08    sett2-r0jqq6    mycfi-m2yiq2    sett2-r0imb6    sphms-m3b727    coch4-n4x7u3    cocsn-m2rv02    cocsn-m2sy95    coch5-m2ubd5    mycp1-n1per0    mycp1-n1pg49    mycfi-n1q8u1    mycp1-n1pwj1    mycp1-n1pcl8    bauco-m2n330    cocsn-m2t3d2    mycfi-m3b223    sett2-r0kl84    bauco-m2lu86    mycfi-m3b1s8    sett2-r0jts7    mycfi-m3amn9    bauco-m2nf03    mycfi-m3a015    sphms-n1qgv4    coch4-n4x2h3    mycp1-m2y2b1    sett2-r0jxt9    mycfi-m2zg05    sphms-m3cr09    coch4-n4x7r9    mycfi-m2yip7    mycp1-n1pwu7    cocsn-m2sh75    cocsn-m2t5z2    coch5-m2ucf6    sphms-m3c9s8    sphms-m3c383    mycp1-n1ppa8    sett2-r0k664    cocsn-m2t3q1    sett2-r0k4b4    cocsn-m2t4i1    bauco-m2lzw1    coch5-m2th93    cocsn-m2svm8    sphms-m3d7h2    sphms-m3cwc3    mycfi-m3b329    bauco-m2n4x9    cocsn-m2s6q4    mycfi-m3b7x7    mycp1-m2yk59    cocsn-m2s5h5    bauco-m2nfr9    bauco-m2myk4    coch4-n4xf94    mycfi-m3a252    sphms-n1qes8    mycp1-n1pps5    sett2-r0kdl8    cocsn-m2qvi9    sett2-r0kfg6    bauco-m2n1q0    cocsn-m2szq4    sett2-r0j437    coch4-n4x7j4    mycfi-m3b4h3    coch5-m2twk3    coch5-m2usf2    sett2-r0kjt7    mycfi-m2yrk1    bauco-m2n4g8    sett2-r0k7y2    cocsn-m2th03    sett2-r0iy92    sett2-r0kbr9    sett2-r0k997    coch5-m2sik6    bauco-m2n0g0    bauco-m2lkk0    sett2-r0jzj5    sphms-m3bs21    mycfi-m3a3h8    mycp1-n1pw13    cocsn-m2r0j6    mycp1-n1pe19    coch4-n4x6a4    mycp1-m2xhl1    cocsn-m2s7a5    cocsn-m2sv79    mycfi-n1qbd7    mycp1-n1pnh6    sphms-m3cz62    sett2-r0knx4    bauco-m2nlz2    mycp1-n1psn5    sett2-r0ksh8    bauco-m2n3v9    bauco-m2n9y7    mycp1-n1puh9    sett2-r0ip86    sphms-m3c6j1    sphms-n1qnq9    cocsn-m2sqe4    coch4-n4xzc8    mycfi-m3ali0    mycfi-m3a5j4    mycp1-n1phf7    bauco-m2myw5    mycp1-m2y2h4    mycfi-m3as05    sphms-m3ccg5    cocsn-m2rtg8    sphms-n1qny5    mycfi-n1q7c3    mycp1-n1q523    bauco-m2m190    psefd-m3awp8    sphms-n1qfl1    dotsn-n1q1b1    sphms-m3dcu2    bauco-m2m7v7    psefd-m3bad8    bauco-m2nft5    psefd-m3b4x7    sphms-n1qdh4    sphms-m3cq38    bauco-m2mz43    coch5-m2t2x3    cocsn-m2sze4    sphms-n1qfm9    sett2-r0kjg6    sett2-r0k5q0    cocvi-w7ezb7    sett2-r0jtm1    cocmi-w6ywa1    psefd-m3a663    baupa-m2mxl2    cocsn-m2t3e8    coch5-m2ulw5    coch5-m2urw9    sett2-r0knn5    cocca-w6y1v2    baupa-m2nq79    sett2-r0i9k2    coch5-m2uul8    dotsn-n1q415    psefd-n1qcy3    cocsn-m2sl21    baupa-m2luc8    dotsn-est1    bauco-m2lxf1    bauco-m2m832    coch4-n4wt88    mycfi-m3b0w5    coch4-n4wrh9    mycp1-n1piu6    sphms-m3cav4    coch5-m2tw97    mycp1-n1pg62    mycfi-m2zyw0    sphms-m3d1p7    coch5-m2sl02    cocsn-m2thq9    sett2-r0kt08    bauco-m2mrb2    cocsn-m2qvj3    coch5-m2uw21    mycfi-m2zl70    cocsn-m2rt01    mycfi-n1q772    sphms-n1qih5    cocsn-m2t778    coch4-n4wni5    cocsn-m2qy12    coch4-n4xas1    coch5-m2sti1    dotsn-m2ymh2

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Ohm RA, Feau N, Henrissat B, Schoch CL, Horwitz BA, Barry KW, Condon BJ, Copeland AC, Dhillon B, Glaser F, Hesse CN, Kosti I, LaButti K, Lindquist EA, Lucas S, Salamov AA, Bradshaw RE, Ciuffetti L, Hamelin RC, Kema GH, Lawrence C, Scott JA, Spatafora JW, Turgeon BG, de Wit PJ, Zhong S, Goodwin SB, Grigoriev IV (2012)
Diverse lifestyles and strategies of plant pathogenesis encoded in the genomes of eighteen Dothideomycetes fungi
PLoS Pathog 8 :e1003037

Ohm RA, Feau N, Henrissat B, Schoch CL, Horwitz BA, Barry KW, Condon BJ, Copeland AC, Dhillon B, Glaser F, Hesse CN, Kosti I, LaButti K, Lindquist EA, Lucas S, Salamov AA, Bradshaw RE, Ciuffetti L, Hamelin RC, Kema GH, Lawrence C, Scott JA, Spatafora JW, Turgeon BG, de Wit PJ, Zhong S, Goodwin SB, Grigoriev IV (2012)
PLoS Pathog 8 :e1003037