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Title : KAI2 promotes Arabidopsis root hair elongation at low external phosphate by controlling local accumulation of AUX1 and PIN2 - Villaecija-Aguilar_2021_Curr.Biol__
Author(s) : Villaecija-Aguilar JA , Korosy C , Maisch L , Hamon-Josse M , Petrich A , Magosch S , Chapman P , Bennett T , Gutjahr C
Ref : Current Biology , : , 2021
Abstract : Root hair (RH) growth to increase the absorptive root surface area is a key adaptation of plants to limiting phosphate availability in soils. Despite the importance of this trait, especially for seedling survival, little is known about the molecular events connecting phosphate starvation sensing and RH growth regulation. KARRIKIN INSENSITIVE2 (KAI2), an alpha/beta-hydrolase receptor of a yet-unknown plant hormone ("KAI2-ligand" [KL]), is required for RH elongation.(1) KAI2 interacts with the F-box protein MORE AXILLIARY BRANCHING2 (MAX2) to target regulatory proteins of the SUPPRESSOR of MAX2 1 (SMAX1) family for degradation.(2) Here, we demonstrate that P(i) starvation increases KL signaling in Arabidopsis roots through transcriptional activation of KAI2 and MAX2. Both genes are required for RH elongation under these conditions, while smax1 smxl2 mutants have constitutively long RHs, even at high P(i) availability. Attenuated RH elongation in kai2 mutants is explained by reduced shootward auxin transport from the root tip resulting in reduced auxin signaling in the RH zone, caused by an inability to increase localized accumulation of the auxin importer AUXIN TRANSPORTER PROTEIN1 (AUX1) and the auxin exporter PIN-FORMED2 (PIN2) upon P(i) starvation. Consistent with AUX1 and PIN2 accumulation being mediated via ethylene signaling,(3) expression of 1-AMINOCYCLOPROPANE-1-CARBOXYLATE SYNTHASE 7 (ACS7) is increased at low P(i) in a KAI2-dependent manner, and treatment with an ethylene precursor restores RH elongation of acs7, but not of aux1 and pin2. Thus, KAI2 signaling is increased by phosphate starvation to trigger an ethylene- AUX1/PIN2-auxin cascade required for RH elongation.
ESTHER : Villaecija-Aguilar_2021_Curr.Biol__
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PubMedID: 34758285
Gene_locus related to this paper: arath-KAI2.D14L

Title : The genome of the natural genetic engineer Agrobacterium tumefaciens C58 - Wood_2001_Science_294_2317
Author(s) : Wood DW , Setubal JC , Kaul R , Monks DE , Kitajima JP , Okura VK , Zhou Y , Chen L , Wood GE , Almeida NF, Jr. , Woo L , Chen Y , Paulsen IT , Eisen JA , Karp PD , Bovee D, Sr. , Chapman P , Clendenning J , Deatherage G , Gillet W , Grant C , Kutyavin T , Levy R , Li MJ , McClelland E , Palmieri A , Raymond C , Rouse G , Saenphimmachak C , Wu Z , Romero P , Gordon D , Zhang S , Yoo H , Tao Y , Biddle P , Jung M , Krespan W , Perry M , Gordon-Kamm B , Liao L , Kim S , Hendrick C , Zhao ZY , Dolan M , Chumley F , Tingey SV , Tomb JF , Gordon MP , Olson MV , Nester EW
Ref : Science , 294 :2317 , 2001
Abstract : The 5.67-megabase genome of the plant pathogen Agrobacterium tumefaciens C58 consists of a circular chromosome, a linear chromosome, and two plasmids. Extensive orthology and nucleotide colinearity between the genomes of A. tumefaciens and the plant symbiont Sinorhizobium meliloti suggest a recent evolutionary divergence. Their similarities include metabolic, transport, and regulatory systems that promote survival in the highly competitive rhizosphere; differences are apparent in their genome structure and virulence gene complement. Availability of the A. tumefaciens sequence will facilitate investigations into the molecular basis of pathogenesis and the evolutionary divergence of pathogenic and symbiotic lifestyles.
ESTHER : Wood_2001_Science_294_2317
PubMedSearch : Wood_2001_Science_294_2317
PubMedID: 11743193
Gene_locus related to this paper: agrt5-a9cf94 , agrt5-a9cfa9 , agrt5-a9cfs8 , agrt5-a9cfu7 , agrt5-a9cie7 , agrt5-a9cj11 , agrt5-a9cjp2 , agrt5-a9cki2 , agrt5-a9ckr2 , agrt5-a9ckt2 , agrt5-a9cle4 , agrt5-a9clq8 , agrt5-a9clq9 , agrt5-q7cx24 , agrt5-q7d1j0 , agrt5-q7d1j3 , agrt5-q7d3m5 , agrt5-y5261 , agrtu-ACVB , agrtu-ATTS , agrtu-ATU0253 , agrtu-ATU0403 , agrtu-ATU0841 , agrtu-ATU1045 , agrtu-ATU1102 , agrtu-ATU1572 , agrtu-ATU1617 , agrtu-ATU1826 , agrtu-ATU1842 , agrtu-ATU2061 , agrtu-ATU2126 , agrtu-ATU2171 , agrtu-ATU2409 , agrtu-ATU2452 , agrtu-ATU2481 , agrtu-ATU2497 , agrtu-ATU2576 , agrtu-ATU3428 , agrtu-ATU3651 , agrtu-ATU3652 , agrtu-ATU4238 , agrtu-ATU5190 , agrtu-ATU5193 , agrtu-ATU5275 , agrtu-ATU5296 , agrtu-ATU5348 , agrtu-ATU5389 , agrtu-ATU5446 , agrtu-ATU5495 , agrtu-CPO , agrtu-DHAA , agrtu-DLHH , agrtu-EPHA , agrtu-GRST , agrtu-PCA , agrtu-PCAD , agrtu-PHBC , agrtu-PTRB , agrt5-a9cji8