Title : Lipases for biotechnology - Jaeger_2002_Curr.Opin.Biotechnol_13_390
Author(s) : Jaeger KE , Eggert T
Ref : Curr Opin Biotechnol , 13 :390 , 2002
Abstract :

Lipases constitute the most important group of biocatalysts for biotechnological applications. The high-level production of microbial lipases requires not only the efficient overexpression of the corresponding genes but also a detailed understanding of the molecular mechanisms governing their folding and secretion. The optimisation of industrially relevant lipase properties can be achieved by directed evolution. Furthermore, novel biotechnological applications have been successfully established using lipases for the synthesis of biopolymers and biodiesel, the production of enantiopure pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and flavour compounds.

PubMedSearch : Jaeger_2002_Curr.Opin.Biotechnol_13_390
PubMedID: 12323363

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Jaeger KE, Eggert T (2002)
Lipases for biotechnology
Curr Opin Biotechnol 13 :390

Jaeger KE, Eggert T (2002)
Curr Opin Biotechnol 13 :390