Family: Bacterial_lip_FamI.1

Block: L

Parent Family: Bacterial_lipase


Lactonizing lipase. This family corresponds to family I.1 of the classification of Arpigny and Jaeger (1999) The pseudomonase lipase efficiently catalyzes intramolecular transesterification of omega-hydroxyesters to form macrocyclic lactones. The production of the enzymatically active LipL requires a specific molecular chaperon (LimL protein) together with a low-M(r) lipase-activation-factor (LAF) (reduced form of glutathione) for formation of intermolecular disulfide bound


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Structure Name Proteins
1EX9 Pseudomonas aeruginosa lipase complexed with RC-(RP,SP)-1,2-dioctylcarbamoyl-glycero-3-O-octylphosphonate pseae-llipa
6CL4 LipC12 - Lipase from metagenomics 9bact-g1apt8
4HS9 Methanol tolerant mutant of the Proteus mirabilis lipase promi-c2lfd0
6JD9 Proteus mirabilis lipase mutant - I118V\/E130G promi-c2lfd0
4GXN Diethylphosphonate Inhibited Structure of the Proteus mirabilis Lipase promi-c2lfd0
4GW3 Crystal Structure of the Lipase from Proteus mirabilis promi-c2lfd0
3W9U Crystal Crystal structure of Lipk107 promi-c2lfd0

Gene_locus Name Species
9gamm-d7nn81 Acinetobacter sp. XMZ-26 Putative lipase lipA1 Lip26 Acinetobacter sp. XMZ-26
9bact-Lipg9 uncultured bacterium Lipg9 protein uncultured bacterium
9psed-h2etp9 Pseudomonas mandelii Organic Solvent-Tolerant Alkaline Lipase EstS Pseudomonas mandelii
9bact-m1hou7 uncultured bacterium alkaline lipase obtained from the metagenome of marine sponge Ircinia sp. uncultured bacterium
psecl-LIP3 Pseudomonas chlororaphis (Pseudomonas aureofaciens): Intracellular lipase EY04_02420 LIP3 Pseudomonas chlororaphis
9entr-k4k3b3 Enterobacter sp. Bn-12 lipase Enterobacter sp. Bn-12
9gamm-urc15994 Psychrobacter celer strain PU3 lipase Psychrobacter celer
acicp-AbiS Acinetobacter baumannii, Triacylglycerol esterase\/lipase EstA, alpha\/beta hydrolase fold\; Lactonizing lipase\; indole synthase A1S_3160 Acinetobacter baumannii
9gamm-a0a1b1ijp3 Psychrobacter sp. Lipase ZC12 Psychrobacter sp.
9bact-LipMF3 uncultured bacterium Lipase LipMF3 uncultured bacteria
9psed-c7e3f2 uncultured Pseudomonas sp. Lipase uncultured Pseudomonas sp.
9alte-a6f5i7 Marinobacter algicola DG893 Predicted acetyltransferase and Hydrolase with the alpha\/beta hydrolase fold protein Marinobacter algicola DG893
9bact-g1apt8 uncultured bacterium LipC12, a true lipase isolated through a metagenomics approach uncultured bacterium
9gamm-c0vkc1 Acinetobacter sp. ATCC 27244 Lipase Acinetobacter sp. ATCC 27244
9gamm-q1n359 Oceanobacter sp. RED65 lactonizing lipase Oceanobacter sp. RED65
9gamm-q1ucz4 Psychrobacter sp. PRwf-1 alpha\/beta hydrolase fold precursor Psychrobacter sp. PRwf-1
9gamm-q2c961 Photobacterium sp. SKA34 putative lactonizing lipase Photobacterium sp. SKA34
9gamm-q3nyl5 Shewanella denitrificans OS217 lactonizing lipase precursor Shewanella denitrificans OS217
9gamm-q7x568 Acinetobacter sp. SY-01 lipase Acinetobacter sp. SY-01
acica-este3 Acinetobacter calcoaceticus extracellular lipase, LipA Acinetobacter sp. (strain ADP1) Acinetobacter calcoaceticus
acica-LIPA Acinetobacter calcoaceticus lipase (EC Acinetobacter calcoaceticus
acilw-d0syz5 Acinetobacter lwoffii SH145 Predicted protein Acinetobacter lwoffii SH145
aerhh-a0kfl9 Aeromonas hydrophila subsp. hydrophila (strain ATCC 7966 \/ NCIB 9240) Lipase Aeromonas hydrophila subsp. hydrophila
azovd-c1dli6 Azotobacter vinelandii (strains DJ \/ ATCC BAA-1303\; AvOP) Alpha\/beta hydrolase fold protein with lipase active site Azotobacter vinelandii
chrvi-CV2714 Chromobacterium violaceum probable triacylglycerol lipase (EC Chromobacterium violaceum
phoas-q1zm99 Photobacterium angustum (strain S14 \/ CCUG 15956) (Vibrio sp. (strain S14 \/ CCUG 15956)) putative lactonizing lipase Photobacterium angustum S14
phopr-q6lfx5 Photobacterium profundum (Photobacterium sp.), putative lactonizing lipase Photobacterium profundum
promi-c2lfd0 Proteus mirabilis ATCC 29906 Lipase Proteus mirabilis
provu-lipas Proteus vulgaris alkaline lipase gene Proteus vulgaris
pseae-clipa Pseudomonas aeruginosa cryptic lipase LipC PA4813 Pseudomonas aeruginosa
pseae-llipa Pseudomonas aeruginosa gene for lactonizing lipase triacylglycerol lipase (EC lip lipA PA2862 PaLipA Pseudomonas aeruginosa
pseae-q5eue2 Pseudomonas aeruginosa organic solvent-tolerant lipase (fragment) Pseudomonas aeruginosa
psef5-q4kj24 Pseudomonas fluorescens (strain Pf-5 \/ ATCC BAA-477)\; Pseudomonas plecoglossicida strain 7 lipase A lipase Pseudomonas fluorescens
psefl-lipa Pseudomonas fluorescens lipase(lipA) gene [SIK W1, Genomic, 1595 nt] Pseudomonas fluorescens
psefr-lipas Pseudomonas fragi lips gene for lipase (EC3.1.1.3) Pseudomonas fragi
pseme-LIPA Pseudomonas mendocina\; Pseudomonas stutzeri\; Pseudomonas xanthomarina\; Pseudomonas sp.\; Streptococcus pneumoniae\; Pseudomonadales bacterium lipa (EC Pseudomonas mendocina
psemy-a4xt61 Pseudomonas mendocina (strain ymp) Acetyltransferase and hydrolase with the alpha\/beta hydrolase fold-like protein Pseudomonas mendocina
psemy-a4xvf4 Pseudomonas mendocina triacylglycerol lipase PCLase II Pseudomonas mendocina
psepf-q3kbp5 Pseudomonas fluorescens (strain PfO-1) alpha\/beta hydrolase fold Pseudomonas fluorescens
psepf-q3kiu1 Pseudomonas fluorescens (strain PfO-1) alpha\/beta hydrolase fold Pseudomonas fluorescens
psepu-LIP Pseudomonas putida (strain KT2440) lipase Pseudomonas putida
psesp-lip Pseudomonas sp. SW-3 putative lipase precursor Pseudomonas sp. SW-3
psesp-llipa Pseudomonas species (strain 109) gene for lactonizing lipase Pseudomonas sp.
psewi-LPWA Pseudomonas wisconsinensis (triglyceride lipase) (tributyrase) Pseudomonas wisconsinensis
psyck-q1qdm7 Psychrobacter cryohalolentis (strain K5) alpha\/beta hydrolase fold precursor Psychrobacter cryohalolentis
rhofd-q21t36 Rhodoferax ferrireducens (strain DSM 15236 \/ ATCC BAA-621 \/ T118) triacylglycerol lipase precursor (EC Rhodoferax ferrireducens
shefr-q3nqd4 Shewanella frigidimarina NCIMB 400 lactonizing lipase precursor Shewanella frigidimarina NCIMB 400
sorc5-a9grj0 Sorangium cellulosum (strain So ce56) (Polyangium cellulosum (strain So ce56)) Triacylglycerol lipase Sorangium cellulosum
vibal-q1v8r9 Vibrio alginolyticus 12G01 lactonizing lipase Vibrio alginolyticus 12G01
viban-q4zhv3 Vibrio anguillarum (Listonella anguillarum) llpa Vibrio anguillarum
vibch-lipas Vibrio cholerae lipase-related lipA formerly hlyC gene Vibrio cholerae
vibpa-VP1181 Vibrio parahaemolyticus lactonizing lipase Vibrio parahaemolyticus
vibvu-VV12349 Vibrio vulnificus lactonizing lipase(strain YJ016) VV1990 (strain CMCP6)VV12349 Vibrio vulnificus
psea7-a6vca5 Pseudomonas aeruginosa (strain PA7). Lipase (Triacylglycerol lipase) Pseudomonas aeruginosa
psea4-u3auv8 Pseudomonas alcaligenes (strain ATCC 14909 \/ DSM 50342 \/ JCM 20561 \/ NBRC 14159 \/ NCIMB 9945 \/ NCTC 10367 \/ 1577). Putative lipase Pseudomonas alcaligenes
psea4-u3avp1 Pseudomonas alcaligenes (strain ATCC 14909 \/ DSM 50342 \/ JCM 20561 \/ NBRC 14159 \/ NCIMB 9945 \/ NCTC 10367 \/ 1577). Putative lipase Pseudomonas alcaligenes

Substrate Chemical Nomenclature Proteins
Paranitrophenyl-hexanoate (4-nitrophenyl) hexanoate erylo-E53    9bact-a0a2s1gux0    9flao-a0a330mq60    9flao-a0a0c1f4u8    myctu-Rv1430    geost-est30    geost-est50
Glutathione (2S)-2-amino-5-[[(2R)-1-(carboxymethylamino)-1-oxo-3-sulfanylpropan-2-yl]amino]-5-oxopentanoic acid
Glucose-pentaacetate [(2R,3R,4S,5R,6R)-3,4,5,6-tetraacetyloxyoxan-2-yl]methyl acetate canru-3lipa    9alte-MGS-MT1    9bact-a0a1s5qkg0    9zzzz-a0a0g3fl25    9bact-a0a0b5kc16    thema-TM0077
Polycaprolactone Poly(hexano-6-lactone) fusso-cutas    aspor-cutas    humin-cut    9zzzz-A0A0G3FEJ8    9actn-SM14est    amymu-a0a0h3des9    9flao-a0a330mq60    9flao-a0a0c1f4u8    9flao-kjj39608    9flao-a0a1m6f5v0    9bact-g9by57    thecd-d1a9g5    psemy-a4xvf4    psemy-a4y035    pseol-e9kjl1    crysp-Q874E9    psecl-LIP1    psecl-LIP2
1-Naphtylpalmitate naphthalen-1-yl hexadecanoate aspor-q2uf27    promi-c2lfd0    malgo-a8qcw4
Paranitrophenylbutyrate (4-nitrophenyl) butanoate bactc-lipas    9acto-f7ix06    artox-phhyd    burgl-EstC    bovin-balip    rabit-1cxes    psesp-OPH    9bact-H6BDX1    9bact-a0a2s1gux0    human-NOTUM    9delt-EstD11    9pezi-s4vch4    aspfu-q4x1n0    crysp-Q874E9    fusso-cutas    pyrbr-Q9Y7G8    copci-b9u443    strsw-c9zcr8    humin-cut    human-DAGLA    9baci-EstD9    9rhiz-g9i933    canar-LipB    bacsu-pnbae    thefu-q6a0i4    geost-est30    geost-est50    pyrab-PAB1050
Paranitrophenylpropionate (4-nitrophenyl) propanoate burgl-EstC    geost-est30    geost-est50
Paranitrophenyl-oleate (4-nitrophenyl) (Z)-octadec-9-enoate
Paranitrophenyl-palmitate (4-nitrophenyl) hexadecanoate malgo-a8qcw4    9pezi-s4vch4    crysp-Q874E9    pyrbr-Q9Y7G8    rhimi-lipas    cormm-g3j8e9    9gamm-a0a1b1ijp3    strex-SeLipC    staau-lipas
Tributyrin 2,3-di(butanoyloxy)propyl butanoate bovin-balip    rabit-1cxes    pseae-llipa    canar-LipB    human-PNLIPRP2    talth-f6lqk7    nech7-c7yuz1    cavpo-2plrp    human-CEL    human-PNLIP    canan-lipasA    rhimi-lipas    rhidl-lipas    psesp-Q9RBY1    staha-Q9RGZ6    9bact-6EB3
Tripropionin 2,3-di(propanoyloxy)propyl propanoate bovin-balip    rabit-1cxes    pseae-llipa    staha-Q9RGZ6
Triacetin 2,3-diacetyloxypropyl acetate pseae-llipa    canar-LipB
Trilaurin 2,3-di(dodecanoyloxy)propyl dodecanoate pseae-llipa    bacld-q65hr4
Triolein 2,3-bis[[(Z)-octadec-9-enoyl]oxy]propyl (Z)-octadec-9-enoate pseae-llipa    mouse-Ces2c    human-CES2    human-PNLIP
Trioctanoin 2,3-di(octanoyloxy)propyl octanoate pseae-llipa    human-PNLIP    psesp-Q9RBY1
Tricaprin 2,3-di(decanoyloxy)propyl decanoate pseae-llipa    bactc-lipas    9psed-LipYY31    bacsh-Q8VQP2

Inhibitor Chemical Nomenclature Proteins
Bis(N-propylcarbamic-acid)ethylene-ester 2-(propylcarbamoyloxy)ethyl N-propylcarbamate pseae-llipa
OCP [(2R)-2,3-bis(octylcarbamoyloxy)propoxy]-octylphosphinic acid pseae-llipa    burce-lipaa
Methyl-DEUP diethyl (4-methyl-2-oxochromen-7-yl) phosphate
Paraoxon diethyl (4-nitrophenyl) phosphate human-PLA2G7    human-PNLIPRP2    humin-cut    human-ACHE    promi-c2lfd0    yeast-yjg8    bacpu-AXE    sulto-ST0071    aspor-cutas    pig-1plip    fusso-cutas    lacrh-B2CZF3    thema-TM0033    colgl-cutas    psesp-Q9RBY1    actde-CXE1    myctu-a85c    thema-TM0077    rhimi-lipas    bacpu-w8fke7    9bact-KP212148
PMSF Phenylmethylsulfonyl fluoride theet-q3ch51    emeni-q5avy9    human-ABHD10    human-PREPL    myctu-Rv1430    psefl-cxest    9bact-E40    thefu-q6a0i4    ecoli-Aes    orysj-Q10QA5    bac25-mglp    9bact-Q0GMU2    bacsu-FENB    psepu-clcd1    thema-TM0077    bacsu-RsbQ    ecoli-bioh    drome-CG9542    human-FAP    tubmm-TmEst2    human-NOTUM    cutac-e6dae5    9gamm-urc15994    9baci-EstD9    geost-est30    pholl-AntI

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