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Family Report for: Esterase_phb


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Esterase, PHB depolymerase bacterial depolymerases for poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) (PHB) and related polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA), as well as acetyl xylan esterases, and feruloyl esterases from fungi.TIGR01840 esterase_phb. This family is included in the Carbohydrate Esterase family CE1 in CAZy - Carbohydrate-Active enZYmes database (CE_1). Feruloyl esterases are distributed in different sub-classes type-A B C,D and E and fall respectively in the following families. Type-A in Lipase_3, Type-B in Esterase_phb (PHB depolymerase), Type-C in Tannase, Type-D in FaeC, Type-E in A85-Feruloyl-Esterase, Type-F in BD-FAE (CE1_SF2.2 in Li et al.2020)

IPR010126 (Esterase, PHB depolymerase)
PF10503 (Esterase_phd)
no EC number

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    Title: Expanding the feruloyl esterase gene family of Aspergillus niger by characterization of a feruloyl esterase, FaeC
    Dilokpimol A, Makela MR, Mansouri S, Belova O, Waterstraat M, Bunzel M, de Vries RP, Hilden KS
    Ref: N Biotechnol, 37:200, 2017 : PubMed


    Title: An Aspergillus oryzae acetyl xylan esterase: molecular cloning and characteristics of recombinant enzyme expressed in Pichia pastoris
    Koseki T, Miwa Y, Akao T, Akita O, Hashizume K
    Ref: J Biotechnol, 121:381, 2006 : PubMed


    Title: Cloning and characterization of the polyhydroxybutyrate depolymerase gene of Pseudomonas stutzeri and analysis of the function of substrate-binding domains
    Ohura T, Kasuya KI, Doi Y
    Ref: Applied Environmental Microbiology, 65:189, 1999 : PubMed


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