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Species Report for: Yersinia enterocolitica

12 Alpha/beta hydrolase fold proteins and 0 fragments are known to date in Yersinia enterocolitica
Taxonomy of Yersinia enterocolitica
cellular organisms, Bacteria, Proteobacteria, Gammaproteobacteria, Enterobacterales, Yersiniaceae, Yersinia, Yersinia enterocolitica,
NCBI Tax ID at NCBI: 630, NCBI Tax ID in ESTHER for more genes: 630,
yere8-a1jik0 Abhydrolase_7 Yersinia enterocolitica; Yersinia intermedia, Putative hydrolase
yere8-a1jmx1 RutD Yersinia enterocolitica serotype O:8 / biotype 1B (strain 8081) putative hydrolase
yere8-a1jrp7 PhoPQ_related Yersinia enterocolitica serotype O:8 / biotype 1B (strain 8081) Putative exported protein
yere8-bioh BioH Yersinia enterocolitica serotype O:8 / biotype 1B (strain 8081) carboxylesterase bioh (EC (biotin synthesis protein bioh)
yere8-menh MenH_SHCHC Yersinia enterocolitica 2-succinyl-6-hydroxy-2,4-cyclohexadiene-1-carboxylate synthase
yere8-y3204 Duf_1100-R Yersinia enterocolitica, Yersinia kristensenii, Yersinia aldovae, Yersinia intermedia, Yersinia rohdei, Yersinia mollaretii, Yersinia bercovieri, UPF0255 protein YE3204
yeren-IRP1 Thioesterase Yersinia enterocolitica hmwp1 protein Thioesterase domain
yeren-IRP4 Thioesterase Yersinia enterocolitica irp4 protein
yeren-YPLA Mbeg1-like Yersinia enterocolitica (and serotype O:8 / biotype 1B (strain 8081))phospholipase a
yeren-fes A85-IroE-IroD-Fes-Yiel Yersinia enterocolitica enterochelin esterase (ferric enterobactin esterase) and serotype O:8 / biotype 1B (strain 8081)
yeren-k1bwy7 abh_upf00227 Yersinia enterocolitica; subsp. enterocolitica; subsp. palearctica; intermedia; kristensenii protein YWA314_09109
yeren-q29uc4 Aclacinomycin-methylesterase_RdmC Yersinia enterocolitica streptothricin acetyl transferase
Gene_Locus fragmentFamilyDescription

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