Family: abh_upf00227

Block: X

Parent Family: No family


Despite being classified as uncharacterised proteins, the members of this family are almost certainly enzymes that are distantly related to the abhydrolase. One of the members of this family YqiA has been shown to be a esterase Kuznetsova et al. Other members, which include the Escherichia coli (strain K12) YcfP protein are uncharacterised



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Title : Enzyme genomics: Application of general enzymatic screens to discover new enzymes - Kuznetsova_2005_FEMS.Microbiol.Rev_29_263
Author(s) : Kuznetsova E , Proudfoot M , Sanders SA , Reinking J , Savchenko A , Arrowsmith CH , Edwards AM , Yakunin AF
Ref : FEMS Microbiology Reviews , 29 :263 , 2005
PubMedID: 15808744
Gene_locus related to this paper: ecoli-yafa , ecoli-ybff , ecoli-ycjy , ecoli-yeiG , ecoli-YFBB , ecoli-yjfp , ecoli-ypfh , ecoli-yqia , ecoli-yuar