Family: Duf_3089

Block: X

Parent Family: No family


New lipolytic enzyme family defined from isolation and characterization of two esterases from a metagenomic library Bayer et al. (EstGK1 and EstZ3) Lee et al. (EstD2) (Family XV Arpigny et Jaeger (1999))(Charbonneau et al. had defined a family XV but the enzyme described in this paper is really is a subset of familly XIII. See notice of this paper in Plos One). The enzyme in this family are esterase with maximum activity towards C4 aliphatic chains and undetectable activity towards C10 and longer chains


Interpro : IPR021440 Protein of unknown function DUF3089


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Pfam : PF11288 DUF3089

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References (3)

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