Family: Abhydrolase_9

Block: X

Parent Family: No family


Novel transmembrane lipases of alpha/beta hydrolase fold.(Lazniewski et al.) PF10081 Abhydrolase_9 IPR009199 (Old Duf_2319 DUF2319) Uncharacterised conserved protein Alpha/beta-hydrolase_fam UCP007542 PIRSF007542


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Genes Proteins in Abhydrolase_9 family (933)

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References (1)

Title : Novel transmembrane lipases of alpha\/beta hydrolase fold - Lazniewski_2011_FEBS.Lett_585_870
Author(s) : Lazniewski M , Steczkiewicz K , Knizewski L , Wawer I , Ginalski K
Ref : FEBS Letters , 585 :870 , 2011
PubMedID: 21333648