Family: Chlorophyllase_Plant

Block: L

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This family consists of several plant specific Chlorophyllase proteins (EC: Chlorophyllase (Chlase) is the first enzyme involved in chlorophylle (Chl) degradation and catalyses the hydrolysis of ester bond to yield chlorophyllide and phytol The family includes both plant bacteria and Amphioxus members. However Chlorophyllase is not localized to plastids, and double knockout mutant plants still are able to degrade chlorophyll during leaf senescence. So pheophytinase is a new pathway. Chlorophyllase could be more important in fruit rippening. Some bacterial enzyme are close to plant chlorophyllases but are now separated in another family Chlorophyllase. (Few sponge or marine invertebrates protein included). A structure-function analysis of chlorophyllase reveals a mechanism for activity regulation dependent on disulfide bonds(Jo et al.)


Interpro : IPR017395 Chlorophyllase\/cutinase , IPR048264 Chlorophyllase

PIRSF : PIRSF038128 (Chlorophyllase_chloroplast)

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Pfam : PF07224 Chlorophyllase

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