Family: Duf_1023

Block: X

Parent Family: No family


This family has been recognized as alpha/beta hydrolase by Zheng et al. . Pfam family DUF1023 consists entirely of uncharacterized proteins generated by sequencing the genomes of Actinobacteria (Zheng et al 2005) Genomic context suggests that they may function as lipases, controlling the concentration of their putative phospholipid substrates. Most sequences include long n-terminal low complexity region not included here.


Interpro : IPR010427 DUF1023


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Pfam : PF06259 Abhydrolase_8

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References (1)

Title : Protein domain of unknown function DUF1023 is an alpha\/beta hydrolase - Zheng_2005_Proteins_59_1
Author(s) : Zheng M , Ginalski K , Rychlewski L , Grishin NV
Ref : Proteins , 59 :1 , 2005
PubMedID: 15688435