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Family Report for: Hepatic_Lipase


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Pancreatic, hepatic and gastric/lingual lipase are closely related to each other and to lipoprotein lipase (EC:, which hydrolyses triglycerides of chylomicrons and very low density lipoproteins (VLDL). Familial human hepatic lipase deficiency is a rare recessive disorder Two variants (S267F and T383M) are rare mutations found to date only in HL deficient subjects and their relatives. Of the six HL variants described to date, only S267F and T383M are associated with hyperlipidemia. human-LIPC. The disease is characterised by premature atherosclerosis and abnormal circulating lipoproteins

2 Disease(s)

Interpro : IPR000734 (Lipase), IPR002333 (Hepatic lipase), IPR016272 (Lipase, LIPH-type)
PFam : PF00151 (Lipase)
Prosite : PS00120
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