Many inhibitors are in fact substrates very slowly hydrolyzed. Organophosphates (also known as phosphate esters OP) are a class of organophosphorus compounds with the general structure O=P(OR)3. They can be considered as esters of phosphoric acid. Here we consider only those compounds that interact with alpha\/beta hydrolases mostly as inhibitors (insecticides, nerve agents etc...). As the number of compounds increases in the database you can choose to select subsets such as: Chemical Warfare Agent<\/A> or more precisely: Nerve Agent G-series<\/A>, Nerve Agent V-series<\/A>, Derivative of Sarin<\/A>, Derivative of Soman<\/A>, Surrogate OP<\/A>, Organothiophosphate<\/A>, Phosphonylatedoxime<\/A>, or pesticides (including compounds not OP): Herbicide<\/A>, Insecticide<\/A>, Anthelmintic<\/A>, or investigational compounds: Cyclic OP<\/A>, ABPP-Probe<\/A>, Flu-OP<\/A>. You can also search another category of compounds in the list: Types of inhibitors<\/A>