Family: Homoserine_transacetylase

Block: X

Parent Family: Abhydrolase_6


Homoserine acetyltransferase (homoserine transacetylase; EC: catalyses the first step unique to methionine biosynthesis, converting L-homoserine to O-acetyl-L-homoserine using acetyl-CoA as an acetyl group donor. This enzyme is unique to fungi and some bacteria. This enzyme regulates homoserine in a number of biosynthetic pathways, making it vital to cell growth and viability. The biosynthesis of methionine in particular has been shown to be susceptible to small-molecule inhibition in fungi and is consequently a good candidate for antifungal agents PIRSF000443. A subset of this family was shown by Toelzer et al. to be esterases and unable to bind acetyl-CoA and was extracted as a new family (Homoserine_transacetylase_like_est)


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References (4)

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