Title : Comprehensive sequence analysis of 24,783 barley full-length cDNAs derived from 12 clone libraries - Matsumoto_2011_Plant.Physiol_156_20
Author(s) : Matsumoto T , Tanaka T , Sakai H , Amano N , Kanamori H , Kurita K , Kikuta A , Kamiya K , Yamamoto M , Ikawa H , Fujii N , Hori K , Itoh T , Sato K
Ref : Plant Physiol , 156 :20 , 2011
Abstract :

Full-length cDNA (FLcDNA) libraries consisting of 172,000 clones were constructed from a two-row malting barley cultivar (Hordeum vulgare 'Haruna Nijo') under normal and stressed conditions. After sequencing the clones from both ends and clustering the sequences, a total of 24,783 complete sequences were produced. By removing duplicates between these and publicly available sequences, 22,651 representative sequences were obtained: 17,773 were novel barley FLcDNAs, and 1,699 were barley specific. Highly conserved genes were found in the barley FLcDNA sequences for 721 of 881 rice (Oryza sativa) trait genes with 50% or greater identity. These FLcDNA resources from our Haruna Nijo cDNA libraries and the full-length sequences of representative clones will improve our understanding of the biological functions of genes in barley, which is the cereal crop with the fourth highest production in the world, and will provide a powerful tool for annotating the barley genome sequences that will become available in the near future.

PubMedSearch : Matsumoto_2011_Plant.Physiol_156_20
PubMedID: 21415278
Gene_locus related to this paper: horvd-f2cta8 , horvd-f2cu28 , horvd-f2cu67 , horvd-f2cvb1 , horvd-f2d2e7 , horvd-f2d3b2 , horvd-f2d8w8 , horvd-f2dam1 , horvd-f2db20 , horvd-f2de38 , horvd-f2dey8 , horvd-f2djs2 , horvd-f2dlw1 , horvd-f2dnj9 , horvd-f2dnr0 , horvd-f2dq60 , horvd-f2dr75 , horvd-f2dvh4 , horvd-f2dwx9 , horvd-f2e2j6 , horvd-f2e3n3 , horvd-f2e504 , horvd-f2eb83 , horvd-f2ebk6 , horvd-f2ec44 , horvd-f2ecv3 , horvd-f2ee51 , horvd-f2eji1 , horvu-cp22 , orysa-q2qx94 , horvd-f2dey9 , horvd-f2djx2 , horvd-f2dln9 , horvd-f2dmr7 , horvd-f2dnv4 , horvd-f2drv9 , horvd-f2ds75 , horvd-f2dsx0 , horvd-f2e0a7 , horvd-f2e0u2 , horvd-f2e5v7 , horvd-f2d4p5 , horvd-m0vg59 , horvd-f2cqv0 , horvd-f2e1j3 , horvd-f2d241 , horvd-f2e8z5 , horvd-m0x298 , horvd-m0y280 , horvd-f2djb2 , horvd-f2dq90 , horvv-f2dwm7 , horvv-f2cwp1 , horvv-a0a287g9l8 , horvv-f2dfe3 , horvv-f2db09 , horvv-f2e0h1

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Gene_locus_frgt horvd-f2cta8    horvd-f2cu28    horvd-f2cu67    horvd-f2cvb1    horvd-f2d2e7    horvd-f2d3b2    horvd-f2d8w8    horvd-f2dam1    horvd-f2db20    horvd-f2de38    horvd-f2dey8    horvd-f2djs2    horvd-f2dlw1    horvd-f2dnj9    horvd-f2dnr0    horvd-f2dq60    horvd-f2dr75    horvd-f2dvh4    horvd-f2dwx9    horvd-f2e2j6    horvd-f2e3n3    horvd-f2e504    horvd-f2eb83    horvd-f2ebk6    horvd-f2ec44    horvd-f2ecv3    horvd-f2ee51    horvd-f2eji1    horvu-cp22    orysa-q2qx94    horvd-f2dey9    horvd-f2djx2    horvd-f2dln9    horvd-f2dmr7    horvd-f2dnv4    horvd-f2drv9    horvd-f2ds75    horvd-f2dsx0    horvd-f2e0a7    horvd-f2e0u2    horvd-f2e5v7    horvd-f2d4p5    horvd-m0vg59    horvd-f2cqv0    horvd-f2e1j3    horvd-f2d241    horvd-f2e8z5    horvd-m0x298    horvd-m0y280    horvd-f2djb2    horvd-f2dq90    horvv-f2dwm7    horvv-f2cwp1    horvv-a0a287g9l8    horvv-f2dfe3    horvv-f2db09    horvv-f2e0h1    horvd-f2d8l9    horvd-f2deb5    horvd-f2dp73    horvd-f2ekj2    horvd-f2ely1    horvd-f2deh7

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Matsumoto T, Tanaka T, Sakai H, Amano N, Kanamori H, Kurita K, Kikuta A, Kamiya K, Yamamoto M, Ikawa H, Fujii N, Hori K, Itoh T, Sato K (2011)
Comprehensive sequence analysis of 24,783 barley full-length cDNAs derived from 12 clone libraries
Plant Physiol 156 :20

Matsumoto T, Tanaka T, Sakai H, Amano N, Kanamori H, Kurita K, Kikuta A, Kamiya K, Yamamoto M, Ikawa H, Fujii N, Hori K, Itoh T, Sato K (2011)
Plant Physiol 156 :20