Family: Cholesterol_esterase

Block: C

Parent Family: Carboxylesterase


The human lactating mammary gland and pancreas produce a lipolytic enzyme, carboxyl-ester lipase, earlier called bile salt-stimulated lipase. Carboxyl-ester lipase is a major component of pancreatic juice and is responsible for the hydrolysis of cholesterol esters as well as a variety of other dietary esters. The enzyme is activated when mixed with bile salts, and plays an important role in the digestion of milk fat in newborn infants. This enzyme combines properties of esterases (activity on esters soluble in water) and lipases (activity on insoluble long chain acylglycerols) Numerous repeats at the c-term excluded in ESTHER (only n-term Pfam A COesterase 1 544)


Interpro : IPR002018 Carboxylesterase, type B , IPR033560 Bile salt-activated lipase BAL

PIRSF : PIRSF005676 COesterase

Pdoc : PDOC00112

Pfam : PF00135 COesterase

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