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Title : The protective effect of methanolic extract of Verbascum cheiranthifolium and Biebersteinia multifida DC on hippocampus damage induced by diazinon in male Wistar rats: An experimental study - Delavar_2024_J.Chem.Neuroanat__102398
Author(s) : Delavar A , Anbarkeh FR , Baradaran R , Arab Z , Moghaddam SHR , Hosseini M , Nikravesh MR , Nejat SS , Jalali M
Ref : Journal of Chemical Neuroanatomy , :102398 , 2024
Abstract : Diazinon (DZN) an organophosphate (OP), with the most important mechanism of action of DZN being induction of oxidative stress (OS) and inhibition of the enzyme acetylcholinesterase (AChE). Verbascum cheiranthifolium (VER) and Biebersteinia multifida (BM) belong to the Scrophulariaceae and Biebersteiniaceae family respectively. These plants are widely used in Iranian traditional medicine due to their beneficial effects. Thus, this research aimed to appraise the protective effects of the methanolic extract of the VER and BM on changes in the level of expression of alpha7 and alpha4 subunits of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChRs) in hippocampus (HPC) of DZN-treated rats. In this research, 36 male Wistar rats were used and randomly divided into six groups: Control, DZN (40mg/kg), VER (1g/kg), DZN+VER (40mg/kg+1g/kg), BM (150mg/kg), and DZN+BM (40mg/kg+150mg/kg). At the end of treatment periods, the animals of all groups underwent the Morris water maze (MWM) test. The rats were anesthetized, and blood sampling was performed. Eventually, the brain was removed for histological study and evaluation of OS parameters. The results indicated that DZN increased the extent of expression of nAChRs in the HPC and significantly inhibited cholinesterase (ChEs) activity plus OS parameters. Also, in MWM, the time to find the platform was significantly longer in the DZN group, while the time and the distance in the probe test were lower than in the control groups. VER and BM extract in the treatment groups simultaneously improved the extent of expression of nAChRs, ChEs activity, as well as the parameters of OS and spatial memory significantly. In conclusion, our results support the neuroprotective properties of VER and BM extract versus DZN in rats. Accordingly, the extracts of VER and BM may be useful as an approach for the treatment of learning disorders and memory enhancement.
ESTHER : Delavar_2024_J.Chem.Neuroanat__102398
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PubMedID: 38342332

Title : The protective role of alpha-lipoic acid on the appearance of fibronectin and laminin in renal tubules following diazinon exposure: an experimental immunohistochemical study - Anbarkeh_2020_Toxicology__152583
Author(s) : Anbarkeh FR , Nikravesh MR , Jalali M , Soukhtanloo M
Ref : Toxicology , :152583 , 2020
Abstract : Extracellular matrix (ECM) exerts a major role in maintaining the structure and developmental processes of tissues. To form the tubular basement membrane in the kidney, sulfate proteoglycans, collagen, laminin, fibronectin, and other glycoproteins congregate in the ECM. As an insecticide, diazinon (DZN) may alter the proportion of ECM by cholinesterase activity inhibition and oxidative stress. The naturally, alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) plays an effective and therapeutic role in the treatment of toxicities and diseases in the body. In the current study, an attempt was made to evaluate the impacts of alpha-lipoic acid on the distribution of fibronectin and laminin in the renal tubules of male Wistar rats following exposure to diazinon. In this study, the animal groups comprised 30 adult male Wistar rats (almost three months old) randomly distributed into the following groups; control, DZN (40 mg/kg), DZN + ALA (40 mg/kg+100 mg/kg), ALA (100 mg/kg), and sham. The rats were anesthetized after six weeks. Blood sampling was performed, and kidneys were removed for immunohistochemistry study. Diazinon reduced the distribution of fibronectin and laminin and significantly inhibited cholinesterase activity in the renal tubules. Furthermore, urea and creatinine levels were higher in diazinon than in other groups. ALA in the co-treatment group enhanced cholinesterase activity and distribution of both glycoproteins in the renal tubules. Urea and creatinine levels were meaningfully diminished in the DZN + ALA group. The nephrotoxic effect of diazinon in vivo was the reduced distribution of laminin and fibronectin, probably induced by cholinesterase activity inhibition. As an antioxidant with specific properties, ALA reduces the nephrotoxic effects of diazinon by multifarious mechanisms.
ESTHER : Anbarkeh_2020_Toxicology__152583
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PubMedID: 32911022

Title : Evaluating the Protective Role of Ascorbic Acid in Malathion-induced Testis Tissue Toxicity of Male Rats - Ghorbani_2019_Int.J.Prev.Med_10_45
Author(s) : Ghorbani Taherdehi F , Nikravesh MR , Jalali M , Fazel A , Gorji Valokola M
Ref : Int J Prev Med , 10 :45 , 2019
Abstract : Background: Malathion is one of organophosphate pesticides that is widely used in agriculture and crops to control insects. Malathion affects body organs such as the reproductive system by inhibiting acetylcholinesterase activity and induction of oxidative stress. This study is aimed to investigate the effects of malathion on glutathione (GSH) and malondialdehyde (MDA) level in testis of male rats, as well as to study the protective role of Ascorbic Acid. Methods: In this study, 30 adult male Wistar rats weighing approximately 200-250 g were divided into 5 groups of 6 rats each. These groups include a control group (no intervention), sham (normal saline 0.9%), experimental Group 1 (malathion 50 mg/kg), experimental Group 2 (Malathion 50 mg/kg + Ascorbic Acid 200 mg/kg), and experimental Group 3 (Ascorbic Acid 200 mg/kg). Malathion, solvents, and ascorbic acid were injected intraperitoneally. After 6 weeks, all groups were anesthetized, and the right testis was used to measure levels of MDA and GSH. MDA as a marker of lipid peroxidation and GSH content was used. Results: The results showed that malathion increased MDA level and decreased GSH level compared with the control group (P < 0.001). It was also found that administration of malathion in combination with ascorbic acid reduced MDA level and increased the GSH level. Conclusions: Malathion-induced lipid peroxidation and oxidative stress in the testis of rats. In addition, it seems that ascorbic acid, due to its antioxidant capabilities, can improve malathion-induced poisonous changes.
ESTHER : Ghorbani_2019_Int.J.Prev.Med_10_45
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PubMedID: 31143419

Title : Evaluating the protective effects of vitamin C on serum and erythrocyte cholinesterase activity of male rats exposed to malathion - Taherdehi_2016_Electron.Physician_8_2633
Author(s) : Taherdehi FG , Nikravesh MR , Jalali M , Fazel A
Ref : Electron Physician , 8 :2633 , 2016
Abstract : INTRODUCTION: Malathion is one of organophosphate poisons (OPPs) that inhibit cholinesterase activity and induce oxidative stress in target organs, such as the reproductive system. The aim of this study was to assess the effects of Malathion on serum and erythrocyte cholinesterase activity in male rats and also to assess the protective effects of vitamin C in this regard.
METHODS: This experimental study was performed in the Pharmacology Laboratory of the Pharmacy Faculty and in the Advanced Histology Techniques Laboratory of the Medical Faculty of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences (MUMS) in January 2014. Thirty male wistar rats, weighting 200-250 g, were divided into five groups of six. The different groups were exposed as follows: group 1: Malathion 50 mg/kg; group 2: Vitamin C; group 3: Malathion plus Vitamin C with the specified doses; sham group: normal saline; and control group: no exposure. After six weeks, 3 ml blood samples were taken from the rats, and titrimetric and Ellman methods were used to assess serum and erythrocyte cholinesterase activity, respectively. The data was analyzed by SPSS 16, and p < 0.05 was considered significant.
RESULTS: The activities of serum and erythrocyte cholinesterase were inhibited significantly in the Malathion exposed group compared to the control group (p < 0.001). The administration of Vitamin C alone significantly increased the activities of serum and erythrocyte cholinesterase. The serum and erythrocyte cholinesterase inhibition showed improvement in the group that received both Malathion and Vitamin C. CONCLUSION: Malathion reduced the activities of serum and erythrocyte cholinesterase in exposed animals. It probably has the same intoxication effects on people who are exposed. Improvement of cholinesterase activity by antioxidant effects of Vitamin C suggests that Vitamin C supplementation can be used to decrease side effects of OPP exposure.
ESTHER : Taherdehi_2016_Electron.Physician_8_2633
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PubMedID: 27648190

Title : Comparison of Serum LP-PLA2 Level and some Nutritional Factors between Well-Controlled and Poorly-Controlled Diabetic Patients - Cheraghi_2015_Acta.Med.Iran_53_690
Author(s) : Cheraghi A , Mahmoudi M , Jafarian K , Eshraghian M , Soltani S , Zarei M , Godarzi F , Kalikias Y , Jalali M
Ref : Acta Med Iran , 53 :690 , 2015
Abstract : Lipoprotein-associated phospholipase A2 (Lp-PLA2) is produced by inflammatory cells, bound to LDL and other lipoproteins, and hydrolyzes oxidized phospholipids in LDL. Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes some investigations show the association of lipoprotein-associated phospholipase A2 mass and activity with the incidence of cardiovascular disease (CVD) in populations with high prevalences of insulin resistance and diabetes. This study is a cross-sectional descriptive and analytic study on 80 individuals with diabetes referring to the Tehran Diabetes Association. Patients divided into two groups (well-controlled and poorly controlled) based on their HbA1C. Personal information, anthropometric assessments (including height, weight, waist circumference and hip circumference) and semi-quantitative 147 items FFQ was used and vein blood samples were taken. After plasma separation, blood sample used for FBS, HbA1c and LP-PLA2 measurement. The independent sample T test was used for comparing means. Data analyses showed a significant difference between weight and WHR (waist to hip ratio) means in two studied groups, also there was a statistically significant difference in food intake (Energy, carbohydrate, protein, micronutrients percent and some of the micronutrients). FBS, HbA1C and LP-PLA2 means showed statistically significant difference (P<0/001) between two groups. This study showed LP-PLA2 is elevated in poorly-controlled patients compared to well-controlled diabetic patients, which may suggest some nutritional factors contributing to the regulation of this enzyme.
ESTHER : Cheraghi_2015_Acta.Med.Iran_53_690
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PubMedID: 26786990

Title : Single dose effect of diazinon on biochemical parameters in testis tissue of adult rats and the protective effect of vitamin E - Rahimi_2014_Iran.J.Reprod.Med_12_731
Author(s) : Rahimi Anbarkeh F , Nikravesh MR , Jalali M , Sadeghnia HR , Sargazi Z , Mohammdzadeh L
Ref : Iran J Reprod Med , 12 :731 , 2014
Abstract : BACKGROUND: Diazinon (DZN) is an organophosphate pesticide that widely used for agricultural pest control all over the world. DZN affects target organs including reproductive system by inhibiting the activity of acetylcholinesterase and inducing oxidative stress. Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) is a strong antioxidant which inhibits free radicals, and probably can reduce lipid perxidation effectively in biological systems. OBJECTIVE: The present study, aimed to evaluate the effects of DZN on malondialdehyde (MDA) and glutathione (GSH) levels in testis of rats and protective effect of vitamin E. MATERIALS AND
METHODS: In this experimental study, thirty adult male Wistar rats (200-250 gr) were divided into 5 groups (n= 6): control group (did not receive any material), sham group (received only pure olive oil), experimental group 1 (DZN, 60 mg/kg), experimental group 2 (Vit E, 200 mg/kg) and experimental group 3 (DZN+Vit E, with the same dose). All groups were sacrificed after 6 weeks and right testis was used to measure the MDA and GSH levels. The amount of MDA was determined by the thiobarbituric acid assay and 5, 5-Dithio-bis (2nitrobenzoic acid) DTNB-recycling protocol was used for GSH assay.
RESULTS: The results showed that DZN increased MDA level (p<0.001) and reduced GSH level (p<0.001). Administration of DZN plus vitamin E decreased the MDA level (p<0.001) and increased GSH level (p=0.001). CONCLUSION: DZN induced lipid peroxidation in the testis of rats. Vitamin E by its antioxidant activity was able to improve the toxic effect of DZN.
ESTHER : Rahimi_2014_Iran.J.Reprod.Med_12_731
PubMedSearch : Rahimi_2014_Iran.J.Reprod.Med_12_731
PubMedID: 25709628

Title : A comparison of whole-genome shotgun-derived mouse chromosome 16 and the human genome - Mural_2002_Science_296_1661
Author(s) : Mural RJ , Adams MD , Myers EW , Smith HO , Miklos GL , Wides R , Halpern A , Li PW , Sutton GG , Nadeau J , Salzberg SL , Holt RA , Kodira CD , Lu F , Chen L , Deng Z , Evangelista CC , Gan W , Heiman TJ , Li J , Li Z , Merkulov GV , Milshina NV , Naik AK , Qi R , Shue BC , Wang A , Wang J , Wang X , Yan X , Ye J , Yooseph S , Zhao Q , Zheng L , Zhu SC , Biddick K , Bolanos R , Delcher AL , Dew IM , Fasulo D , Flanigan MJ , Huson DH , Kravitz SA , Miller JR , Mobarry CM , Reinert K , Remington KA , Zhang Q , Zheng XH , Nusskern DR , Lai Z , Lei Y , Zhong W , Yao A , Guan P , Ji RR , Gu Z , Wang ZY , Zhong F , Xiao C , Chiang CC , Yandell M , Wortman JR , Amanatides PG , Hladun SL , Pratts EC , Johnson JE , Dodson KL , Woodford KJ , Evans CA , Gropman B , Rusch DB , Venter E , Wang M , Smith TJ , Houck JT , Tompkins DE , Haynes C , Jacob D , Chin SH , Allen DR , Dahlke CE , Sanders R , Li K , Liu X , Levitsky AA , Majoros WH , Chen Q , Xia AC , Lopez JR , Donnelly MT , Newman MH , Glodek A , Kraft CL , Nodell M , Ali F , An HJ , Baldwin-Pitts D , Beeson KY , Cai S , Carnes M , Carver A , Caulk PM , Center A , Chen YH , Cheng ML , Coyne MD , Crowder M , Danaher S , Davenport LB , Desilets R , Dietz SM , Doup L , Dullaghan P , Ferriera S , Fosler CR , Gire HC , Gluecksmann A , Gocayne JD , Gray J , Hart B , Haynes J , Hoover J , Howland T , Ibegwam C , Jalali M , Johns D , Kline L , Ma DS , MacCawley S , Magoon A , Mann F , May D , McIntosh TC , Mehta S , Moy L , Moy MC , Murphy BJ , Murphy SD , Nelson KA , Nuri Z , Parker KA , Prudhomme AC , Puri VN , Qureshi H , Raley JC , Reardon MS , Regier MA , Rogers YH , Romblad DL , Schutz J , Scott JL , Scott R , Sitter CD , Smallwood M , Sprague AC , Stewart E , Strong RV , Suh E , Sylvester K , Thomas R , Tint NN , Tsonis C , Wang G , Williams MS , Williams SM , Windsor SM , Wolfe K , Wu MM , Zaveri J , Chaturvedi K , Gabrielian AE , Ke Z , Sun J , Subramanian G , Venter JC , Pfannkoch CM , Barnstead M , Stephenson LD
Ref : Science , 296 :1661 , 2002
Abstract : The high degree of similarity between the mouse and human genomes is demonstrated through analysis of the sequence of mouse chromosome 16 (Mmu 16), which was obtained as part of a whole-genome shotgun assembly of the mouse genome. The mouse genome is about 10% smaller than the human genome, owing to a lower repetitive DNA content. Comparison of the structure and protein-coding potential of Mmu 16 with that of the homologous segments of the human genome identifies regions of conserved synteny with human chromosomes (Hsa) 3, 8, 12, 16, 21, and 22. Gene content and order are highly conserved between Mmu 16 and the syntenic blocks of the human genome. Of the 731 predicted genes on Mmu 16, 509 align with orthologs on the corresponding portions of the human genome, 44 are likely paralogous to these genes, and 164 genes have homologs elsewhere in the human genome; there are 14 genes for which we could find no human counterpart.
ESTHER : Mural_2002_Science_296_1661
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PubMedID: 12040188
Gene_locus related to this paper: mouse-ABH15 , mouse-Ces3b , mouse-Ces4a , mouse-dpp4 , mouse-FAP , mouse-Lipg , mouse-Q8C1A9 , mouse-rbbp9 , mouse-SERHL , mouse-SPG21 , mouse-w4vsp6

Title : The genome sequence of Drosophila melanogaster - Adams_2000_Science_287_2185
Author(s) : Adams MD , Celniker SE , Holt RA , Evans CA , Gocayne JD , Amanatides PG , Scherer SE , Li PW , Hoskins RA , Galle RF , George RA , Lewis SE , Richards S , Ashburner M , Henderson SN , Sutton GG , Wortman JR , Yandell MD , Zhang Q , Chen LX , Brandon RC , Rogers YH , Blazej RG , Champe M , Pfeiffer BD , Wan KH , Doyle C , Baxter EG , Helt G , Nelson CR , Gabor GL , Abril JF , Agbayani A , An HJ , Andrews-Pfannkoch C , Baldwin D , Ballew RM , Basu A , Baxendale J , Bayraktaroglu L , Beasley EM , Beeson KY , Benos PV , Berman BP , Bhandari D , Bolshakov S , Borkova D , Botchan MR , Bouck J , Brokstein P , Brottier P , Burtis KC , Busam DA , Butler H , Cadieu E , Center A , Chandra I , Cherry JM , Cawley S , Dahlke C , Davenport LB , Davies P , de Pablos B , Delcher A , Deng Z , Mays AD , Dew I , Dietz SM , Dodson K , Doup LE , Downes M , Dugan-Rocha S , Dunkov BC , Dunn P , Durbin KJ , Evangelista CC , Ferraz C , Ferriera S , Fleischmann W , Fosler C , Gabrielian AE , Garg NS , Gelbart WM , Glasser K , Glodek A , Gong F , Gorrell JH , Gu Z , Guan P , Harris M , Harris NL , Harvey D , Heiman TJ , Hernandez JR , Houck J , Hostin D , Houston KA , Howland TJ , Wei MH , Ibegwam C , Jalali M , Kalush F , Karpen GH , Ke Z , Kennison JA , Ketchum KA , Kimmel BE , Kodira CD , Kraft C , Kravitz S , Kulp D , Lai Z , Lasko P , Lei Y , Levitsky AA , Li J , Li Z , Liang Y , Lin X , Liu X , Mattei B , McIntosh TC , McLeod MP , McPherson D , Merkulov G , Milshina NV , Mobarry C , Morris J , Moshrefi A , Mount SM , Moy M , Murphy B , Murphy L , Muzny DM , Nelson DL , Nelson DR , Nelson KA , Nixon K , Nusskern DR , Pacleb JM , Palazzolo M , Pittman GS , Pan S , Pollard J , Puri V , Reese MG , Reinert K , Remington K , Saunders RD , Scheeler F , Shen H , Shue BC , Siden-Kiamos I , Simpson M , Skupski MP , Smith T , Spier E , Spradling AC , Stapleton M , Strong R , Sun E , Svirskas R , Tector C , Turner R , Venter E , Wang AH , Wang X , Wang ZY , Wassarman DA , Weinstock GM , Weissenbach J , Williams SM , WoodageT , Worley KC , Wu D , Yang S , Yao QA , Ye J , Yeh RF , Zaveri JS , Zhan M , Zhang G , Zhao Q , Zheng L , Zheng XH , Zhong FN , Zhong W , Zhou X , Zhu S , Zhu X , Smith HO , Gibbs RA , Myers EW , Rubin GM , Venter JC
Ref : Science , 287 :2185 , 2000
Abstract : The fly Drosophila melanogaster is one of the most intensively studied organisms in biology and serves as a model system for the investigation of many developmental and cellular processes common to higher eukaryotes, including humans. We have determined the nucleotide sequence of nearly all of the approximately 120-megabase euchromatic portion of the Drosophila genome using a whole-genome shotgun sequencing strategy supported by extensive clone-based sequence and a high-quality bacterial artificial chromosome physical map. Efforts are under way to close the remaining gaps; however, the sequence is of sufficient accuracy and contiguity to be declared substantially complete and to support an initial analysis of genome structure and preliminary gene annotation and interpretation. The genome encodes approximately 13,600 genes, somewhat fewer than the smaller Caenorhabditis elegans genome, but with comparable functional diversity.
ESTHER : Adams_2000_Science_287_2185
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PubMedID: 10731132
Gene_locus related to this paper: drome-1vite , drome-2vite , drome-3vite , drome-a1z6g9 , drome-abhd2 , drome-ACHE , drome-b6idz4 , drome-BEM46 , drome-CG5707 , drome-CG5704 , drome-CG1309 , drome-CG1882 , drome-CG1986 , drome-CG2059 , drome-CG2493 , drome-CG2528 , drome-CG2772 , drome-CG3160 , drome-CG3344 , drome-CG3523 , drome-CG3524 , drome-CG3734 , drome-CG3739 , drome-CG3744 , drome-CG3841 , drome-CG4267 , drome-CG4382 , drome-CG4390 , drome-CG4572 , drome-CG4582 , drome-CG4851 , drome-CG4979 , drome-CG5068 , drome-CG5162 , drome-CG5355 , drome-CG5377 , drome-CG5397 , drome-CG5412 , drome-CG5665 , drome-CG5932 , drome-CG5966 , drome-CG6018 , drome-CG6113 , drome-CG6271 , drome-CG6283 , drome-CG6295 , drome-CG6296 , drome-CG6414 , drome-CG6431 , drome-CG6472 , drome-CG6567 , drome-CG6675 , drome-CG6753 , drome-CG6847 , drome-CG7329 , drome-CG7367 , drome-CG7529 , drome-CG7632 , drome-CG8058 , drome-CG8093 , drome-CG8233 , drome-CG8424 , drome-CG8425 , drome-CG9059 , drome-CG9186 , drome-CG9287 , drome-CG9289 , drome-CG9542 , drome-CG9858 , drome-CG9953 , drome-CG9966 , drome-CG10116 , drome-CG10163 , drome-CG10175 , drome-CG10339 , drome-CG10357 , drome-CG10982 , drome-CG11034 , drome-CG11055 , drome-CG11309 , drome-CG11319 , drome-CG11406 , drome-CG11598 , drome-CG11600 , drome-CG11608 , drome-CG11626 , drome-CG11935 , drome-CG12108 , drome-CG12869 , drome-CG13282 , drome-CG13562 , drome-CG13772 , drome-CG14034 , drome-nlg3 , drome-CG14717 , drome-CG15101 , drome-CG15102 , drome-CG15106 , drome-CG15111 , drome-CG15820 , drome-CG15821 , drome-CG15879 , drome-CG17097 , drome-CG17099 , drome-CG17101 , drome-CG17191 , drome-CG17192 , drome-CG17292 , drome-CG18258 , drome-CG18284 , drome-CG18301 , drome-CG18302 , drome-CG18493 , drome-CG18530 , drome-CG18641 , drome-CG18815 , drome-CG31089 , drome-CG31091 , drome-CG32333 , drome-CG32483 , drome-CG33174 , drome-dnlg1 , drome-este4 , drome-este6 , drome-GH02384 , drome-GH02439 , drome-glita , drome-KRAKEN , drome-lip1 , drome-LIP2 , drome-lip3 , drome-MESK2 , drome-nrtac , drome-OME , drome-q7k274 , drome-Q9VJN0 , drome-Q8IP31 , drome-q9vux3