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Jiao_2021_ACS.Sens__ 3D-Printed, Portable, Fluorescent-Sensing Platform for Smartphone-Capable Detection of Organophosphorus Residue Using Reaction-Based Aggregation Induced Emission Luminogens
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Lee_2021_ACS.Nano__ Imaging Strategy that Achieves Ultrahigh Contrast by Utilizing Differential Esterase Activity in Organs: Application in Early Detection of Pancreatic Cancer
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Ramos-Flores_2021_Toxicol.Sci__ Temephos decreases sperm quality and fertilization rate and is metabolized in rat reproductive tissues at low dose exposure
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Alvi_2021_Oxid.Med.Cell.Longev_2021_9966663 Carveol Attenuates Seizure Severity and Neuroinflammation in Pentylenetetrazole-Kindled Epileptic Rats by Regulating the Nrf2 Signaling Pathway
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Liu_2021_J.Pharm.Sci__ Characterization of Polysorbate 80 by Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry to Understand Its Susceptibility to Degradation and Its Oxidative Degradation Pathway
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Han_2021_Mar.Drugs_19_ Mixture of Phlorotannin and Fucoidan from Ecklonia cava Prevents the Abeta-Induced Cognitive Decline with Mitochondrial and Cholinergic Activation
Jan_2021_Oxid.Med.Cell.Longev_2021_4786227 Plant-Based Synthesis of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles (ZnO-NPs) Using Aqueous Leaf Extract of Aquilegia pubiflora: Their Antiproliferative Activity against HepG2 Cells Inducing Reactive Oxygen Species and Other In Vitro Properties
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Kobenan_2021_Chem.Biodivers__ Chemical composition and spectrum of insecticidal activity of the essential oils of Ocimumgratissimum L. and Cymbopogoncitratus Stapf on the main insects of the cotton entomofauna in Cte d'Ivoire
Korabecny_2021_Biomolecules_11_ Cholinesterase Research
Liu_2021_Front.Plant.Sci_12_720816 Insecticidal Terpenes From the Essential Oils of Artemisia nakaii and Their Inhibitory Effects on Acetylcholinesterase
Lizama_2021_Antioxidants.(Basel)_10_ Analysis of Carotenoids in Haloarchaea Species from Atacama Saline Lakes by High Resolution UHPLC-Q-Orbitrap-Mass Spectrometry: Antioxidant Potential and Biological Effect on Cell Viability
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Richter_2021_Metabolites_11_ In Vitro Metabolic Fate of the Synthetic Cannabinoid Receptor Agonists QMPSB and QMPCB (SGT-11) Including Isozyme Mapping and Esterase Activity
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Yamaga_2021_Nutrients_13_ Acetylcholine and Royal Jelly Fatty Acid Combinations as Potential Dry Eye Treatment Components in Mice
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Guillory_2021_Plant.Mol.Biol__ Phytohormone biosynthesis and signaling pathways of mosses
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Mulcahy_2021_J.Neurochem__ Protein profiling in the habenula after chronic (-)-menthol exposure in mice
Sankorrakul_2021_J.Neurochem__ Is there a role for the p75 neurotrophin receptor in mediating degeneration during oxidative stress and after hypoxia?
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